Coming of Age: 4 Helpful Disney Quotes
August 31, 2015

When you’re young, the world around seems full of magic and adventure. Your parents provide for your needs, you play with your friends, and your excited, innocent perspective reigns supreme. But sooner or later, you’ll grow up and leave home for bigger-and often scarier-things: a job, a house, a car, a family.

Those in the Disney world aren’t too different from you. Many Disney characters must also face the responsibilities of growing up and rising to new challenges. After many years of playtime with Woody and Buzz, Andy had to say goodbye and go to college. When the Huns invaded her peaceful life, Mulan needed to leave her home, stand up for her country’s safety, and defend her family’s honor.

To glean greater encouragement during your most important growing years and life decisions, read on and learn more about the following Disney character quotes.

1. I could go running and racing and dancing and chasing and leaping and bounding hair flying heart pounding and splashing and reeling and finally feeling now’s when my life begins! – Rapunzel, “Tangled

As an example of cheerfulness and adventurousness, Rapunzel understands the beauty of living life to its fullest. After she leaves the safety of her tower to the unknown world below, Rapunzel delights in nature’s sounds and sights.

When you grow up and begin to handle new responsibilities, a new life unfolds for you. You, like Rapunzel, can embrace the newness around you and find excitement in unfamiliar yet manageable circumstances.

2. Just keep swimming! – Dory, “Finding Nemo

While on a quest with a desperate father to find his missing son, Dory sings this simple phrase over and over to keep their spirits up. After trouble with sharks, jellyfish, and whales, the two fish finally reach Nemo and bring him back home.

You too can make it through a sea of difficult challenges and obstacles on your way to adulthood. Sometimes, all you have to do is just keep “swimming,” or persevering, no matter how hard it seems. When you’re tempted to quit or give up, take Dory’s simple advice to heart and you’ll reach your end goal.

3. Now, remember, Pinocchio: be a good boy. And always let your conscience be your guide. – The Blue Fairy, “Pinocchio

Whether you’re preparing to go away to school, start a new job, or simply move to a faraway place, you may feel lonely and overwhelmed. You can learn from Pinocchio’s experience and trust your own conscience to be your guide and your friend.

Life has a way of leading you into unknown, uncomfortable, and even dark places. To stay true to yourself and your values, listen to your inner compass-your conscience-as you navigate life’s windy roads. Pinocchio’s conscience helped him learn not to lie and to have integrity. Yours can do the same.

4. Remember who you are. – Mufasa, “The Lion King

After his father’s death, Simba runs away from his promised kingdom out of fear. Simba becomes scared because he forgets his true identity-that of an heir to the throne. After he hears these wise words from his father’s spirit, Simba gains courage and confidence.

When you enter the adult world, fear of the future may cause you to forget your identity-and your unique talents along with it. Never forget that you are able to conquer unexpected obstacles. Let the word “remember” echo through your mind as it did in Simba’s.


Allow your favorite Disney characters to provide helpful reassurance as you grow into difficult yet exciting opportunities. Though they may live in a magical world free of job interviews and math tests, they nonetheless stand as examples of enthusiasm, diligence, hope, and integrity.

Remember these quotes and find strength in them when you experience difficult changes in your life.

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