Finding Nemo Quotes (2003)

Finding Nemo Quotes (2003)

[repeated line]

Seagulls: Mine.

Dory: [reading a door] Hey, look. "Esc-a-pay". I wonder what that means? That's funny, it's spelled just like the word "escape."

Chum: Humans...think they own everything.

Anchor: Probably American.


[Nemo and Marlin are hugging]

Nemo: Uh, Dad, you can let go now.

[Marlin and Dory are arguing about whether or not they should go over the trench]

Dory: Come on, trust me on this one.

Marlin: Trust you?

Dory: Yes, trust, it's what friends do.

Bruce: [breaking through a porthole while blood-crazy] Here's Brucie!

Marlin: Tell me, Dory, do you see anything?

Dory: Yeah, I see a light.

Marlin: A light?

Dory: Yeah. I see a light.

Marlin: Yeah, I see it too.

Dory: Hey, Conscience, am I dead?

Marlin: No, no. I see it, too.

[they swim up to the light]

Dory: It's so... pretty.

Marlin: [mesmerized] I'm feeling... happy, and that's a big deal... for me.

Dory: I want to touch it...

[she does; the light bobs quickly away]

Dory: Oh!

Marlin: Hey, come back. Come on back here. I'm gonna get you.

Dory: Come here.

Marlin: [singing] I'm gonna swim with you...

Dory: I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you.

Marlin: [singing] I'm gonna be your best friend...

[a big scary fish looms into view]

Marlin: ...Good feeling's gone.

Marlin, Dory: AHH!

Nemo: Are you all right?

Dory: [exasperated] I don't know where I am... I don't know what's going on. I think I lost somebody but I, I can't remember... and I can't remember...

Nemo: It's OK, it's OK. I'm looking for somebody too. Hey, we can look together.

Dory: I'm Dory.

Nemo: I'm Nemo.

Dory: Nemo?... that's a nice name...

Dory: How about we play a game?

Marlin: All right.

Dory: Okay, I'm thinking of something orange, and it's small...

Marlin: It's me.

Dory: Right!


Dory: I'm thinking of something orange and small...

Marlin: Me again.

Dory: All right, Mr. Smartypants...


Dory: ... It's orange and small, and has stripes...

Marlin: Me, and the next one - just a guess - me.

Dory: Okay, that's just scary.

Dory: [sees a very small baby jellyfish] I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy Come on, Squishy Come on, little Squishy...

[makes baby talk and slowly touches the jellyfish, getting shocked]

Dory: [pulling her fin away quickly] Ow! Bad squishy, bad squishy!

Dory: [dreaming] Uhhh... the sea monkeys have my money... yes, I'm a natural blue...

Dory: Hi. I'm Dory.

Anchor, Chum, Bruce: Hello, Dory.

Dory: And, uh, well... well, I don't think I've ever eaten a fish.

[the sharks applaud]

Chum: Wow, that's incredible!

Bruce: Good on ya, mate!

Dory: Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.

Crush: 'Cause we were like, "woaaaah.", and I was like, "woaaaah." and you were like, "woaaahh..."

Dory: I suffer from short-term memory loss. It runs in my family... At least I think it does... hm. Where are they?

Marlin: The water is half empty!

Dory: Hmmm. Really? I'd say it's half full.

Dory: I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy Come on, little Squishy.

[baby talk, the jellyfish stings her]

Dory: Ow. Bad Squishy, bad Squishy.

Dory: [about the humpback whale] Maybe he only speaks whale.

[slowly and deeply, imitating the whale]

Dory: Mooo... Weeee neeeed...

Marlin: Dory?

Dory: ...tooo fiiind hiiis soon.

Marlin: What are you doing? Are you sure you speak whale?

Dory: Caaaan yoooou giive uuuus direeeeectioooons?

Marlin: Dory! Heaven knows what you're saying! See, he's swimming away.

Dory: Cooome baaaaack.

Marlin: He's not coming back. You offended him.

Dory: Maybe a different dialect. Mmmmoooooowaaaaah...

Marlin: Dory! This is not whale. You're speaking like, upset stomach.

Dory: Maybe I should try humpback.

Marlin: No, don't try humpback.

Dory: Woooooo! Woooooo!

Marlin: Okay, now you really do sound sick.

Dory: Maybe louder. Rah! Rah!

Marlin: Don't do that!

Dory: Too much orca. Did it sound a little orca-ish to you?

Marlin: It doesn't sound orca. It sounds like nothing I've ever heard!

Dory: No. No, you can't... STOP. Please don't go away. Please? No one's ever stuck with me for so long before. And if you leave... if you leave... I just, I remember things better with you. I do, look. P. Sherman, forty-two... forty-two... I remember it, I do. It's there, I know it is, because when I look at you, I can feel it. And-and I look at you, and I... and I'm home. Please... I don't want that to go away. I don't want to forget.

Marlin: I'm sorry, Dory. But I... do.

[after whale blows Marlin and Dory out]


Dory: Wow. I wish I could speak whale...

Marlin: The water's going down. It's-it's-it's going down!

Dory: Hmm. Are you sure about that?

Marlin: Look! Already it's half-empty.

Dory: Hmm... I'd say it's half-full.

Marlin: Stop that! It's half-empty!

Dory: I saw a boat.

Marlin: You did?

Dory: Yeah, it went by not too long ago. Follow me.

[few seconds later, she starts zig-zagging in front of him and glancing back]

Dory: Would you quit it? What, the ocean isn't big enough for you or something like that? You got a problem? Huh? Do ya, do ya, do ya? You wanna piece of me? Yeah, yeah! Ooh, I'm scared now! What?

Marlin: What? You said you saw a boat.

Dory: A boat?

Marlin: YES.

Dory: Hey, I've seen a boat. It went by not too long ago. It went... this way. It went this way.

Marlin: Wait a minute, you already told me which way the boat went.

Dory: I did? Oh, no...

Marlin: I can't afford any more delays and you're one of those fish that causes delays. Sometimes it's a good thing. There's a whole group of fish . They're delay fish.

Dory: You mean...


Dory: . You mean you don't like me?

Marlin: No, of course I like you. It's because I like you I don't want to be with you. It's a complicated emotion.

Nigel: [quietly] Okay, don't make any sudden moves. Hop inside my mouth... if you want to live.

Marlin: Hop in your mouth, huh? And how does that make me live?

Seagull: Mine?

Nigel: Because - I can take you to your son.

Marlin: Yeah, right.

Nigel: No, I know your son. He's orange and has a gimpy fin on one side.

Marlin: [shouts and jumps] That's Nemo!

Dory: Have you seen a clown fish swim by? It looks just like him.

[points to Marlin]

Nemo: But bigger.

Crab: Yeah, I saw him, Bluey, but I'm not telling you where he went, and there's no way you're gonna make me.

[Dory holds Crab out of water for the seagulls to see]

Seagulls: Mine? Mine. Mine!

[they start flapping from their rock to where the crab is]

Crab: Ahh! All right! I'll talk! I'll talk! He went to the fishing grounds! Aaah!

Dory: [At the entrance to the trench] Come on, let's go.

Marlin: No, no, no! Bad trench, bad trench! Come on, we're swimming over this thing.

Dory: Whoa, partner. Little red flag going up. Something tells me we should go through it, not over it.

Marlin: Are you even looking at this thing? It's got death written all over it!

Dory: I'm sorry, but I really, really, really think we should go through it.

Marlin: And I'm really, really done talking about this. Over we go.

Dory: Come on, trust me on this one.

Marlin: Trust you?

Dory: Yes, trust. It's what friends do.

Marlin: Look, something shiny!

Dory: Where?

Marlin: Oh, it just swam over the trench! Come on, we'll follow it. Let's go.

Dory: Okay.

Nemo: Are you all right?

Dory: [exasperated] I don't know where I am... I don't know what's going on. I think I lost somebody but I, I can't remember... and I can't remember...

Nemo: It's OK, it's OK. I'm looking for somebody too. Hey, We can look together.

Dory: I'm Dory.

Nemo: I'm Nemo.

Dory: Nemo?... that's a nice name...

Marlin: How do you know that nothing bad won't happen?

Dory: I don't.

Dory: Duck.

Marlin: [looks up] That's not a duck, it's a... pelican.

Gill: Who's with me?

Bloat: I.

Deb: I.

Bubbles: I.

Gurgle: I think you're nuts.

Marlin: [introduction to the main menu of the first disc of the DVD] Where is it? Where is it?

[the menu appears]

Dory: Oh there's the menu, I knew it was around here somewhere.

Marlin: Well.

[Marlin and Dory do not appear onscreen during this menu exchange]

Marlin: [beginning of menu loop; Marlin talks to the viewer at home] Okay, you've got a lot of choices here. You can watch just the movie without the commentary...

Dory: [interrupting] Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I'm so excited! I've always wanted to see... "The Little Mermaid"!

Marlin: Good. Well this is "Finding Nemo".

Dory: Oh, well that sounds nice, too. Maybe we should watch that one.

Marlin: We're watching that one! This is "Finding Nemo"!

Dory: [sounding flattered] Oh you shouldn't have switched just for me!

Marlin: Unbelievable...


Dory: I've always wanted to be in a film.

Marlin: You were in a film. THIS one. "Finding Nemo"!

Dory: No way! I'd remember that.

[laughs strangely]

Dory: Seriously...

Marlin: No you wouldn't...

Dory: Yes I would.

[excited inhalation sigh]

Dory: Being in a film would be so glamorous!

Marlin: [nonplussed] Really?

Dory: Oh my. Fabulous! Where's my trailer? I need water!

Marlin: Dory...

Dory: Fill my trailer with water!

Marlin: Something's wrong with you.


Dory: Just keep watching, just keep watching, just keep watching watching watching. Watching, watching, watching...

[continues singing in this manner while Marlin speaks]

Marlin: You got a lot of choices here. Or you don't even have to watch this movie. Take the disc out, and I'll stop talking.

[Dory is still singing]

Marlin: There are no wrong choices. The only wrong choice is to sit there like you're doing.

[Dory is still singing]

Marlin: There are a lot of choices here, just pick one! Pick one so we can start! Please! All of us got nothing to do! Hit a choice, will ya?

Dory: [still singing] Hoo hoo, hoo hoo! Keep on watching...

Marlin: [Holding Nemo's cracked egg in his fin] I promise to never let anything happen to you, Nemo.

Bruce: [blasts face through door] Here's Brucieeee!

Nemo: Dad? I don't hate you.

Crush: Okay, now everybody grab an exit buddy.

[Marlin and Dory grab each other quickly]

Crush: Do you have your exit buddy?

Dory: Just keep swimming.

Marlin: Crush, wait. How old are you?

Crush: Hundred and fifty, and still young, dude. Rock on.

Sheldon: I'm H2O intolerant. [sneezes]

Crush: Okay. Squirt here will now give you a rundown of proper exiting technique.

Squirt: Good afternoon. We're gonna have a great jump today. Okay, first crank a hard cutback as you hit the wall. There's a screaming bottom curve, so watch out. Remember: rip it, roll it, and punch it.

Marlin: It's like he's trying to speak to me, I know it.

[to Squirt]

Marlin: Look, you're really cute, but I can't understand what you're saying. Say the first thing again.

Bruce: [reciting] I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food.

Dory: Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down do you wanna know what you've gotta do?

Marlin: No I don't wanna know.

Dory: [singing] Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.

Marlin: Dory, no singing.

Dory: [continuing] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ho. I love to swim. When you want to swim you want to swim.

Marlin: Now I'm stuck with that song... Now it's in my head.

Dory: Sorry.

Crab#1: Hey.

Crab#2: Hey.

Crab#1: Hey.

Crab#2: Hey.

Marlin: [Surrounded by jellyfish] This is bad, Dory. Very bad.

Dory: [Bouncing on top of a jellyfish] Hey, watch this. Boing! Boing!...

Marlin: Dory!

Dory: You can't catch me!

Marlin: Dory, don't bounce on the tops! They will... not sting you. The tops don't sting you! That's it!

Dory: Two in a row. Beat that.

Marlin: Dory, listen to me. We're going to play a game.

Dory: A game?

Marlin: Yeah, a game.

Dory: I love games! Pick me!

Marlin: We're gonna race. First one out of the jellyfish wins.

Dory: Out, got it!

Marlin: Rules, rules! You can't touch the tentacles, only the tops...

Dory: Something about tentacles, got it.

Marlin: No, it's not something about them, it's all about them.

Dory: On your mark, get set, go!

Marlin: Wait, Dory!

School of Fish: Oh and one more thing: when you come to this trench, swim through it, not over it.

Dory: Trench. Through it, not over. I'll remember.

[swimming to catch up with Marlin]

Dory: Hey wait up there's something I gotta tell you.

[sees the trench]

Dory: Woah. Nice trench.

Gill: From this moment on, you shall now be known as Sharkbait.

Bloat, Gurgle, Bubbles: Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha!

Gill: Welcome, Brother Sharkbait!

Bloat, Gurgle, Bubbles: Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha!

Gill: Enough with the Sharkbait.

Gurgle: Sharkbait! Hoo... bop pa doo.

Seagulls: Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.


Nigel: Oh would you just shut up? You're rats with wings!

Marlin: You think you can do these things, but you just can't, Nemo.

Pearl: Hey. You guys made me ink.

Marlin: Wait a minute! You can read?

Dory: I can read? That's right, I can READ!

Marlin: ...and the sea cucumber turns to the mollusk and says, "With fronds like these, who needs anemones?"

[Everyone laughs]

Crush: Oh, it's awesome, Jellyman. The little dudes are just eggs, we leave 'em on a beach to hatch, and then, coo-coo-cachoo, they find their way back to the big ol' blue.

Gill: All drains lead to the ocean.

Nemo: What's that? Tad: I know what that is. Sandy Plankton saw one. He called it... uh... he said it was called a "butt".

Pearl: That's a pretty big butt.

[swims out a little]

Sheldon: Oh, look at me. I'm gonna touch the butt.

Tad: I'm obnoxious.

Nemo: I wanna go home. Does anyone know where my dad is?

Peach: Honey, your father's probably back at the pet store.

Nemo: Pet store?

Bloat: Yeah. Like, I'm from Bob's Fish Mart.

Gurgle: Pet Palace.

Bubbles: Fish-O-Rama.

Deb: Mail Order.

Peach: eBay.

Marlin: It's just as well. He might be hungry.

Dory: Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish. They eat krill.

Krill: Swim away.

Dory: Oh look. Krill.

Marlin: [Inside the Orca Whale] I have to get out of here! I have to find MY SON! I have to tell him... how!... old!... sea turtles are!


Bruce: Just a bite!

Anchor: Now you hold it together, mate!

Chum: Remember, Bruce! Fish are friends, not food!

Bruce: Food!

Gill: To the top of Mount Wanna-hock-a-loogie.

Marlin: Now it's my turn. I'm thinking of something dark and mysterious. It's a fish we don't know. If we ask it directions, it could ingest us and spit out our bones.

Dory: What is it with men and asking for directions?

Marlin: I don't want to play the gender card right now. You want to play a card, let's play the "let's not die" card.

[last lines]

[the fish have managed to roll into the ocean in their plastic bags]

Deb: Yay!

Bloat: Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Gill: We did it!


Bloat: Now what?

Crush: Dude? Dude? Focus dude... Dude?

[Marlin wakes up]

Crush: Oh, he lives. Hey, dude!

Marlin: Oh... What happened?

Crush: Saw the whole thing, dude. First you were all like "whoa", and we were like "whoa", and you were like "whoa..."

Marlin: What are you talking about?

Crush: You, Mini-Man, takin' on the jellies. You've got serious thrill issues, dude. Awesome.

Marlin: Oh, my stomach. Oh.

Crush: Oh, man. Hey, no hurling on the shell, dude, ok? Just waxed it.

Marlin: So, Mr. Turtle?

Crush: Whoa, Dude. Mister Turtle is my father. The name's Crush.

Marlin: Crush, really? OK, Crush. I need to get to the East Australian Current. EAC?

Crush: [laughing] Oh, dude. You're ridin' it, dude! Check it out!

[Marlin and Dory are racing through the jellyfish forest. Marlin starts talking to himself]

Marlin: So, we're cheating death now, that's what we're doing, and we're having fun at the same time, I can do this, just be careful...

Dory: Yeah, be careful I don't make you cry when I win!

Marlin: Oh I don't think so!

Dory: Give it up old man, you can't fight evolution, I was built for speed!

Marlin: The question is Dory, are you hungry?

Dory: Hungry? Why?

Marlin: 'Cause you're about to eat my bubbles!

[the Tank Gang is watching the dentist]

Deb: What have we got?

Peach: Root canal, and by the looks of those X-rays, it's not going to be pretty.

[Dentist drills and patient screams]

Bloat: Rubber dam and clamp installed?

Peach: Yep.

Gurgle: What did he use to open?

Peach: A Gator-Glidden drill. He seems to be favoring that one lately.

Deb: [sighs] I can't see, Flo.

[Dentist picks teeth and patient screams]

Peach: Now he's doing the Schilder technique.

Bloat: Ooh, he's using a Hedstrom file.

Gurgle: That's not a Hedstrom file, it's a K-FLEX.

Bloat: It has a tear-dropped cross section. Clearly, a Hedstrom.

Gurgle: No, no, K-FLEX.


Gurgle: K-FLEX!



Bloat: Oomp. There I go. A little help. Over here.

Deb: [sighs] I'll go deflate him.

Squirt: Whoa! That was so cool! Hey, Dad! Did you see that? Did you see me? Did you see what I did?

Crush: You so totally rock, Squirt! So gimme some fin.

[they slap fins]

Crush: Noggin'.

[bump heads]

Squirt, Crush: Dude!

Marlin: I can't read human.

Dory: Then we need to find a fish that can read this. Hey, look! Sharks!

Dory: This is the Ocean, silly, we're not the only two in here.

Marlin: I'm dead. I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I died, I'm dead.

Bruce: Anchor! Chum!

Anchor: There you are, Bruce. Finally!

Bruce: We've got company.

Anchor: Well, it's about time, mate!

Chum: We've already gone through the snacks, and we're still starving!

Anchor: We almost had us a feeding frenzy.

Chum: Come on, let's get this over with.

Gill: [Catches Nemo staring at his broken fin] My first escape. Landed on dentist tools. I was aiming for the toilet.

Nemo: The toilet?

Gill: All drains lead to the ocean, kid.

Nemo: Wow. How may times have you tried to get out?

Gill: Ah, I lost count.

Marlin: [inside the whale as it starts to swallow] What's going on?

Dory: I'll ask. Whaaaa...

Marlin: No, no more whale! You can't speak whale!

Dory: Yes I can!

Marlin: No, you can't! You think you can do these things, but you can't, Nemo!

Bob: Hey, you're doing pretty well for a first-timer.

Marlin: Well, you can't hold on to them forever, can you?

Bill: You know I had a tough time when my oldest went out to the drop off.


Bob: Hey Marty, calm down.

Marlin: Don't tell me to be calm, pony boy.

Bob: Pony boy?

Bill: You know for a clownfish, he really isn't that funny

Ted: Pity

Dory: [in her sleep] Hey, careful with that hammer...

School of Fish: Hey, hey! You like impressions?

Dory: Mmm-hmm.

School of Fish: Okay, just like in rehearsal, gentlemen.

[School takes form of swordfish]

School of Fish: So, what are we? Take a guess.

Dory: Oh, oh, I've seen one of those.

School of Fish: I'm a fish with a nose like a sword.

Dory: Wait, wait, umm...

Marlin: It's a swordfish!

School of Fish: Hey, clown boy! Let the lady guess.

[Takes form of lobster]

School of Fish: Where's the butter?

Dory: Ooh! It's on the tip of my tongue...

Marlin: [Coughing] Lobster!

School of Fish: Saw that.

Marlin: What?

School of Fish: [Takes form of octopus] Lots of legs, swims in the ocean.

Dory: Clam!

School of Fish: Close enough.

[Takes form of pirate ship]

School of Fish: Oh, it's a whale of a tale, I'll tell you, lad...

Dory: Oh, they're good.

Mr. Ray: Well, hello Nemo. Who's this?

Nemo: Exchange student.

Squirt: I'm from the EAC, dude.

Mr. Ray: Sweet!

Nemo, Squirt: Totally!

Gurgle: Oh, the human mouth is a disgusting place.

Nemo: I'm sorry I couldn't stop the...

Gill: No, I'm the one who should be sorry. I was so ready to get out, so ready to taste that ocean, I was willing to put you in harm's way to get there. Nothing should be worth that.

Marlin: [Inside the whale] I have to get out of here! I have to find my son! I have to tell him how old sea turtles are!

Marlin: What did it say? What did the mask say?

Dory: P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.


Dory: I remembered what it said! I usually forget things, but I remembered it that time! P. Sherman, 4...

Marlin: Wait! What does that mean?

Dory: I don't know. But who cares! Ha ha! I remembered! P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I remembered it again!

[Nemo is stuck in the filter intake. The others are about to help him out when... ]

Gill: Nobody touch him! Nobody touch him.

Nemo: Can you help me?

Gill: No. You got yourself in there, you can get yourself out.

Deb: Ah, Gil...

Gill: I just want to see him do it, Okay? Keep calm. Alternate wriggling your fins and your tail.

Nemo: I can't. I have a bad fin.

Gill: Never stopped me.

[Turns to show Nemo his broken fin]

Gill: Just think about what you have to do.

[Nemo wriggles out of the filter]

Gill: Perfect.

Gurgle: Whatever you do, don't mention D-A-R...

Nemo: It's all right. I know who you're talking about.

[Bloat smacks Gurgle upside his head]

Marlin: Hey. Guess what?

Nemo: What?

Marlin: Sea turtles? I met one, and he was a hundred and fifty years old.

Nemo: Hundred and fifty? Marlin: Yup.

Nemo: Oh. 'Cause Sandy Plankton said that they only live to be a hundred.

Marlin: Sandy Plankton? You think I would travel the whole ocean and not know as much as Sandy Plankton? He was a hundred and fifty, not a hundred.

[looking at the mines]

Dory: Hey, look, balloons. It is a party.

Bruce: Mind your distance, though. Those balloons can be a bit dodgy. You wouldn't want one of them to pop.

Dory: I saw a boat.

Marlin: You did?

Dory: Yeah, it went by not too long ago. Follow me.

[few seconds later]

Dory: Would you quit it? What, the ocean isn't big enough for you or something like that? You got a problem? Huh? Do ya, do ya, do ya? You wanna piece of me? Yeah, yeah! Ooh, I'm scared now! What?

Marlin: What? You said you saw a boat.

Dory: A boat?

Marlin: YES.

Dory: Hey, I've seen a boat. It went by not too long ago. It went... this way. It went this way.

Marlin: Wait a minute, you already told me which way the boat went.

Dory: I did? Oh, no...

Nemo: Hey dad! Maybe when I'm at school, I'll see a shark.

Marlin: I highly doubt it.

Nemo: Have how ever met a shark?

Marlin: No, and I don't plan to.

Nemo: How old are sea turtles?

Marlin: Sea turtles? I don't know.

Nemo: Sandy Plankton from next door, he says they live to be a hundred years old.

Marlin: Well, if I ever meet a sea turtle I'll ask him, right after I'm done talking to the shark.

Marlin: Now, what's the one thing we have to remember about the ocean?

Nemo: It's not safe.

Marlin: That's my boy.

Marlin: It's because I like you, I don't want to be with you. It's a complicated emotion.

Nigel: Hi there. From my neck of the woods, eh? Sorry if I took a snap at you at one time. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat.

Gill: All right, gang, we have less than 48 hours before Darla gets here. This tank will get plenty dirty in that time, but we have to help it along any way we can. Jacques.

Jacques: Oui.

Gill: No cleaning.

Jacques: I shall resist.

Gill: Everybody else, be as gross as possible. Think dirty thoughts. We're gonna make this tank so filthy the dentist will HAVE to clean it.

[Bloat belches]

Gill: Good work.

Marlin: How do you know if they're ready?

Crush: Well, you never really know, but when they know, you know, y'know?

Chum: Dolphins, yeah! They think they're so cute. "Oh, look at me, I'm a flippy little dolphin, let me flip for you. Ain't I something?"

Marlin: [Dory and Marlin are in pitch darkness looking for the mask] Dory, do you see anything?

Dory: Ahh! Something's got me!

Marlin: That's just me. I'm sorry.

Dory: Who's that?

Marlin: [exasperated] Who's that? Who else would it be? It's me!

Dory: Are... are you my conscience?

Marlin: [sighs] Yes, I'm your conscience. We haven't spoken for a while. How are you?

Dory: Eh, can't complain.

Marlin: Good. Now, Dory, do you see anything?

Dory: [angler fish's light approaches] Yes, I see... a light. Hey, conscience, am I dead?

Marlin: No, I see it too.

Marlin: You know what? I was right. We'll start school in a year or two.

Nemo: No, Dad! Just because you're scared of the ocean...

Marlin: Clearly, you're not ready, and you're not coming back until you are. You think you can do these things, but you just can't, Nemo!

Nemo: [pause, mutters] I hate you.

Marlin: If this is some kind of practical joke, it's not funny, and I know funny. I'm a clownfish.

Bruce: So, what's a couple of bites like you doing out so late?

Marlin: Nothing, we're not doing anything, we're not even out.

Bruce: Great! Then how would you little morsels like to come to a little - a little get-together I'm having?

Dory: You mean like a party?

Bruce: Yeah, that's it, a party! What do you say?

Dory: Oh, I love parties! That sounds like fun.

Marlin: Parties are fun, and it's tempting, but we really have to...

Bruce: [Takes Dory and Marlin by the fin] Aw, come on. I insist.

Marlin: [Nervous] Okay, that's all that matters.

[Nemo has gone to the boat]

Marlin: Nemo! You're gonna get stuck out there and I'll have to go get you before another fish does. Get back here! Get back here now! Stop! You make one more move, mister...

[Nemo lifts his fin]

Marlin: Don't you lay a fin on that boat! Don't you dare touch that boat! Don't you...

[Nemo touches the boat]

Marlin: Nemo!

Tad: [Whispering] He touched the butt.

Darla: [Darla taps madly on the tank glass trying to knock Peach off; singing loudly] Twinkle twinkle little star!

Peach: [slowly falling off the glass] Find a happy place! Find a happy place! Find a happy place!

Bruce: All right, anyone else? Hello, how 'bout you, mate? What's your problem?

Marlin: Me? I don't... I don't have a problem.

Bruce: Oh. Okay...

Bruce, Anchor, Chum: [to each other] Denial.

Marlin: There was this mollusk, and he walks up to this sea cucumber. Normally, they don't talk, sea cucumbers, but in a joke everyone talks. So the sea mollusk says to the cucumber...

[sees the mask]

Marlin: Nemo!

Chum: [laughing] Nemo! Ha ha! Nemo... I don't get it.

Bruce: For a clown fish, he's not that funny.

Bubbles: Bubbles. Bubbles. My bubbles.

[shaking Nemo's bag]

Darla: Why... are... you... sleeping?

Marlin: The dropoff? They're going to the dropoff? What - what are you insane? Why not just fry them up now and serve them with chips?

[Marlin and Dory are each pulling on the mask; it snaps and hits Dory in the face]

Dory: Ow!

Marlin: Oh, I'm really sorry. Are you okay?

Dory: Ow, ow, ow!

Marlin: I'm so sorry.

Dory: You really clocked me there. Am I bleeding?

[a wisp of blood floats from Dory's nose]

Marlin: Ohh!

Dory: Ow. Ow. Ow.

Bruce: Dory, are you okay...

[Sniffs the blood; his eyes turn black]

Bruce: Ooooooooo, that's good...

Chum, Anchor: Intervention!

Squirt: Whoa! That was so cool! Hey dad! Did you see that? Did you see me? Did you see what I did?

Crush: You so totally rock, Squirt! So gimme some fin.

[They slap fins]

Crush: Noggin'.

[bump heads]

Crush, Squirt: Dude!

Bruce: I'm having fish tonight.

Bubbles: So, the Big Blue. What's it like?

Nemo: Umm... big... and blue?

Bubbles: I knew it.

Squirt: Sweeeeet.

Crush: Totally.

Peach: [waving back and forth against the soiled tank wall] Look, Scum angel.

[Large explosion occurs underwater with a small bubble reaching the surface, popping next to Pelican 1. Pelican 2 looks at him, upset]

Pelican 2: [Disgusted] Nice.

[Flies away]

[as Bruce hungrily chases Marlin and Dory]

Anchor: He really doesn't mean it, you know! He never even knew his father!

[Squirts falls off the back of another turtle and off the current]

Marlin: [freaks out] Oh, my goodness!

Crush: Whoa. Kill the motor, dude.

Dory: Well, let's just ask someone for directions.

Marlin: Who do you want to ask, the speck? There's no one here!

[as the pelicans watch Gerald choking on his breakfast]

Nigel: Reckon somebody oughta help the poor guy.

Pelicans: [all shrug and mutter] Yeah, yeah right...

Nigel: [sarcastically] Well, don't everybody fly off at once.

Peach: [yawns] Morning. It's morning, everyone! Today's the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are gonna get out of...


Peach: [gasps] The tank is clean.


Peach: The tank is clean!

Marlin: What if they don't like me?

Coral: Marlin!

Marlin: No, really.

Coral: There's over 400 eggs, odds are, one of them is bound to like you.

Bloat: You must pass through the Ring of Fire.


Bloat: The Ring of Fire. Jacques, you said you could do it.

Jacques: Oops, sorry.

Dory: "P.Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney." I remembered it. I bet I could even remember it again..."P.Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney." I did it again.

Gill: You see that filter?

Nemo: Yeah.

Gill: You're the only one small enough to get in and out of that thing. All you have to do swim inside, jam a pebble in the fan, and swim out. Once you do that, this tank is going to get filthier and filthier, and the dentist will have no choice but to clean the tank himself. He'll put us in individual baggies, then we roll out the window, down to the ground, across the street, and into the ocean. It's foolproof!

Bloat: Nemo, newcomer of orange and white, you have been called forth to the summit of Mt. Wannahockaloogie to join with us in the fraternal bonds of tankhood!

Nemo: Huh?

Peach: We want you in our club, kid.

Nemo: Really?

Bloat: If you are able to swim through... the Ring of Fire!


Bloat: [Under his breath] Turn on the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire!

Jacques: Oops!

[turns on the volcano]

Bloat: You said you could do it.

[the volcano is on]

Bloat: Ring of Fire!

Gurgle: Curse you, Aqua Scum.

Sheldon: [gasp] He touched the butt.

[Crush is introducing Marlin to his son]

Crush: Oh. Intro- Jellyman, offspring. Offspring, Jellyman.

Dory: Excuse me? Whoo-hoo! Little fella? Hello! Don't be rude. Say hi.

Marlin: Ha. Hello.

Dory: His son Bingo...

Marlin: Nemo.

Dory: ...Nemo was taken to, um...

Marlin: Sydney

Dory: ...Sydney, yeah. And it's really, really important that we get there as fast as we can, so can you help us out? Come on, little fella. Come on.

Marlin: Dory? I'm a little fella. I don't think that's a little fella.

Gill: Fish aren't meant to be in a box, kid. It does things to them.

[the whale groans]

Dory: Okay, he either said, "move to the back of the throat," or he "wants a root beer float".

Marlin: How many stripes do I have?

Nemo: Dad, I'm fine...

Marlin: Answer the stripe question.

Nemo: [exasperated] Three.

Marlin: SEE? Something's wrong with you.

[he counts]

Marlin: I have one... two... three? That's all I have?

Marlin: Something's wrong with you, really.

Marlin: I didn't come this far to be breakfast.

Marlin: We did it, we did it oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! No eating here tonight, Woo!

Marlin, Dory: Eating here tonight!

Dory: No, no, no eating here tonight, you're on a diet!

Marlin: He's my son, he was taken by these divers...

Dory: Oh my, you poor fish.

Chum: Humans. Think they own everything.

Anchor: Probably American...

Mr. Ray: Okay, class. Optical orbits up front, and remember, we keep our subesophageal ganglion to ourselves. That means you, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Aw, man!

Marlin: Of course he wants us to move over there. That's EATING US.

[wagging his tail on the whale's taste bud]

Marlin: How do I taste, Moby, huh? DO I TASTE GOOD?

Bruce: Hello.

[Marlin gasps, Dory swims up]

Dory: Well, hi!

Bruce: Name's Bruce.

[offers fin, Marlin backs up]

Bruce: It's all right. I understand.

[turns away]

Bruce: Why trust a shark, right?

[quickly returns and snaps at Marlin and Dory, then laughs]

[as Bruce bangs against the door of the sunken ship]

Dory: Who is it?

Marlin: Dory, help me find a way out!

Dory: [to Bruce] Sorry. Could you come back later? We're trying to escape.

[Eating from sewage treatment pipe]

Crab #1: Manna from heaven.

Crab #2: Sweet nectar of life.

Bruce: Now there goes a father. Looking for his little boy.

[starts crying]

Bruce: I never knew my father!

Anchor: Come on, group hug.

Chum: We're all mates here, mate.

Gurgle: So, which one is it?

Nemo: I'm from the ocean.

Gurgle: Oh, the ocean. THE OCEAN? AAAH! He hasn't been decontaminated yet! Jacques!

Jacques: Oui.

Gurgle: Clean up!

Jacques: Oui.

Gurgle: Ocean!

Jacques: Oo, la mer! Bon!

[Spins Nemo around as he cleans him]

Jacques: VoilĂ . He is clean.

Marlin: I promised I'd never let anything happen to him.

Dory: Hmm. That's a funny thing to promise.

Marlin: What?

Dory: Well, you can't never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him. Not much fun for little Harpo.

Dory: Hey, what's wrong?

Marlin: What's wrong? While they're busy doing their little impressions, I'm miles from home with a fish who can't even remember her name.

Dory: Boy, I bet that's frustrating.

Marlin: Meanwhile, my son is missing.

Dory: Your son Chico?

Marlin: Nemo.

Dory: Right. Got it.

Marlin: But it doesn't matter, because no one in this entire ocean is going to help me.

Dory: Well, I'm helping you.

Crush: Alright, we're here, dudes! Get ready! Your exit's comin' up, man!

Marlin: Where? I don't see it.

Dory: There! I see it! I see it!

Marlin: You mean the swirling vortex of terror?

Crush: That's it, dude!

[the parents are looking at their 400 unhatched children]

Coral: We still have to name them...

Marlin: You wanna name all of 'em, right now? All right.

Marlin: [points to the eggs on the left side of the nest] We'll name this half Marlin Jr.,

Marlin: [points to the eggs on the right side] And then this half Coral Jr. Okay, we're done.

[Marlin leaves]

Coral: I like Nemo.

Marlin: [Comes back] Nemo? Well, we'll name one Nemo, but I'd like most of them to be Marlin Jr.

Nemo: Dad, you're not gonna freak out like you did at the petting zoo, are you?

Marlin: Hey, that snail was about to charge.

Dentist: Good thing I pulled the right one, eh, Prime Minister?

[Dory is trying to read the pipe that says "Sydney Water Treatment"]

Dory: Si... side... syd... nay... Sydney!

[she hears a "P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney" flashback in her head, and sees a rapid succession of memories from earlier in the film]

Dory: [suddenly realizing] Aah! Nemo!

Marlin: I can't make out these markings.

Dory: Then we need to find a fish that can read this. Hey, look! Sharks!

[Nemo is sleeping, Jacques throws many rocks onto him]

Nemo: ...uh... AH.

[wakes up]

Jacques: Suivez-moi.

[Nemo stares, unsure]

Jacques: [returns to clarify] Follow me.

[Nemo and Marlin are heading off to Nemo's first day of school, they stop at a busy traffic street]

Marlin: Wait, wait...

[Red fish darts out and uses its color as a stop light, Nemo and Marlin cross]

Marlin: Hold my fin, hold my fin!

[when Nemo first meets Pearl, and people comment on his lucky fin]

Pearl: See this tentacle? It's actually shorter than all my other tentacles, but you can't really tell, especially when I twirl them like this.

[twirls her tentacles]

[Marlin tells Nigel to go into the dentist's office]

Nigel: I can't go in there!

Marlin: Oh yes you can!

[Marlin grabs Nigel's tongue a forces him to charge into the room]

[Nemo lives in a sea anemone]

Mr. Ray: All new explorers must answer a science question. You live in what kind of home?

Nemo: An anemonemone. Amnemonemomne.

Mr. Ray: That's okay kid, dont hurt yourself.

Fish in Tank: Sharkbait OO HA HA!

Gill: Look at that. Would you look at that? Filthy. Absolutely filthy. And it's all thanks to you, kid. You made it possible. Jacques! I told you not to clean!

Jacques: I am ashamed.

[the dentist is getting ready to pull a patient's tooth when Nigel flies into the window. The dentist spins around, ripping the patient's tooth out]


Dentist: Oh... well, that's ONE way to pull a tooth...

Bruce: Hello. My name is Bruce.

Anchor, Chum: Hello, Bruce.

Bruce: It has been three weeks since my last fish, on my honor, or may I be chopped up and made into soup.

[Anchor and Chum applaud]

Chum: You're an inspiration to us all!

Anchor: Amen!

Marlin: [exasperated] Would somebody please just give me directions?

[School of fish take shape of clown fish with sour expression]

School of Fish: [mockingly] Would somebody please just give me directions?

Marlin: I'm serious!

School of Fish: Blah-blah-blah, me-me-blah! Blah-blah, blah-blah, me-me-me!

[first lines]

Marlin: Wow.

Coral: Mmm.

Marlin: Wow.

Coral: Mm-hmm.

Marlin: Wow.

Coral: Yes, Marlin. I... No, I see it. It's beautiful.

Marlin: So, Coral, when you said you wanted an ocean view, you didn't think you were going to get the whole ocean, did you? Huh?

[deep breath]

Marlin: Oh, yeah. A fish can breathe out here. Did your man deliver, or did he deliver?

Coral: My man delivered.

Marlin: And it wasn't so easy.

Coral: Because a lot of other clownfish had their eyes on this place.

Bloat: Uh-oh. Darla.

Nemo: What's wrong with her?

Gurgle: She wouldn't stop shaking the bag.

[close up of the dead fish in the photo]

Bubbles: Poor Chuckles.

Deb: He was her present last year.

Bloat: Took a ride on the porcelain express.

[Dentist flushes toilet]

Peach: She's a fish killer!

Bruce: Today's meeting is Step 5: Bring a fish friend. Everyone brought a fish friend?

Anchor: Got mine.

[a small fish shivering with fear]

Dory: Hi there!

Bruce: What about you, Chum?

Chum: Oh... um... I seem to have misplaced my, um... friend.

[a fish skeleton peeks from Chum's teeth; Chum quickly sucks it back in]

Bruce: That's all right, mate. I had a feeling this would be a hard step. You can help yourself to one of my friends.

Chum: [Taking Marlin] Thanks mate. A little chum for Chum, eh?

Lobster: ...and it was like wicked dark down there. How's it going Bob?...

Darla: I'm a piranha! They live in the Amazon!

Dentist: And a piranha is a fish, just like your present!

Deb: Kid, if there's anything you need, just ask your auntie Deb. That's me. Or if I'm not around, you can talk to my sister, Flo.

[swims up to her reflection]

Deb: Hi, how are ya? Don't listen to anything my sister says, she's nuts!

Gurgle: [looking around dirty tank] Ahh, no, no. Ah!

Bubbles: [Bubbles opens tank] The bubbles, the bu?

[dirty bubble pops in his face]

Bubbles: Ugh!

Gurgle: [sees Bloat eating dirt] Bloat, that is disgusting!

Bloat: Tastes pretty fine to me.

Gurgle: Doesn't anyone realize? We're swimming in our own s...?

Peach: Shhh! Here he comes.

Nemo: [swims up quickly to Marlin, giving him a hug] Love you, Dad.

Marlin: Where's my son? Where's Nemo?

Bloat: [pointing frantically] Dentist! Dentist!

Marlin: What's a dentist? What is that?

[Gerald the pelican seems to be choking]

Nigel: [casually] Alright Gerald, what is it? Fish got your tongue?

[Gerald opens his mouth to show this is indeed the case]

Dory, Marlin: Aaaaahh!

Nigel: Love a duck!

Nemo: First day of school! Wake up! Come on. First day of school.

Peach: That's the shortest red light I've ever seen!

Mr. Ray: [introduction to the Bonus Features menu of the first disc of the DVD; Mr. Ray is singing] Let's make a selection, a selection, a selection. Let's make a selection on the D-V-D! Ohhhhh! Pick something.

Nemo: [looks down at the reef] Cool!

Mr. Ray: [all characters are off-screen past this point] Welcome explorers! So much to see, so much to learn. Let's go!

[long pause]

Mr. Ray: Okay, optical orbits up front, and let's pick a button.

Dory: Uh! I'd like to see it with the commentary!

Marlin: It's not up to you.

Dory: Well, they might listen to me; I speak mammal. Choose the commentary!

Marlin: Unbelievable...

Mr. Ray: Sooo... Moving along!


Mr. Ray: All scientific exploration is an act of discovery, so pick a button and discover what happens.

Bruce: [Bruce's Easter egg narration on the same menu] Hullo. My name is Bruce. I promise to watch all the making-of features, listen to the complete audio-visual commentary, and search diligently for Easter Eggs. On my honor, so help me.

Nemo: How many times have you tried to escape?

Gill: Eh, I lost count. Fish weren't meant to be in a box, kid. It does things to ya.

Bubbles: [treasure box opens, and bubble rise out just as Gill says last line] Bubbles, the bubbles, bubbles!

Mr. Ray: Well hello! Who is this?

Nemo: I'm Nemo.

Mr. Ray: Well, Nemo, all new explorers must answer a science question.

Nemo: Okay.

Mr. Ray: You live in what kind of home?

Nemo: In an an... an-nem-men-nem-mon-ee... A men-nem-men-nem-o-nee...

Mr. Ray: Okay, okay. Don't hurt yourself. Welcome aboard, explorer!

Marlin: Dory there's no way out!

[Bruce bangs on the door]

Dory: Hello?

Marlin: Dory, help me find a way out!

Dory: Sorry, can't help you, trying to escape!

Marlin: Dory, what are we going to do?

Dory: Hey look here, "es-ca-pe!" Its funny, it's spelled just like the word escape...

Marlin: There, there, there. It's okay, Daddy's here, Daddy's got you. I promise I will never let anything happen to you... Nemo.

Marlin: I don't want to go to school, five more minutes.

Dory: Hey little fellow. Oh, big fellow.

Dory: He says it's time to let go.

Nemo: I live in an-anemone.

Nigel: Hey-hey! I found his dad.

Nigel: An outie. From my neck of the woods, eh? Sorry if I ever took a snap at ya. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat.

Dentist: Barbara? I can't understand it! Here this thing says it's got a lifetime guarantee and it breaks! I had to take all the fish out, put 'em in bags, and- where'd the fish go?

Dentist: Oh great, the picture broke.

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