The Wild Quotes (2006)

The Wild Quotes (2006)

Nigel: We - are - going - to - die!

[talking about a sewer system]

Samson: Appears to be a human bathing area.

Nigel: You mean humans don't lick themselves clean? Disgusting!

Nigel: [as a pack of dogs runs away] Go on, you mutts! Stupid dogs, we could've taken you.

[the pack of dogs return]

Nigel: Taken you to a... to a disco.

Nigel: [wearing a popcorn dispenser] I've got popcorn up my bum. Does I look trashy in this?

Nigel: It's fine - it's just leaves, and vines, and AAAAH what's that? Oh, that's my foot.

Bridget: How do we steer? Who knows how to steer? None of us. We're animals. GREAT!

Nigel: [to a wildebeast] Terribly sorry to bother you, but, um, do you speak koala? Sprechen Sie koala?

Bridget: [to Nigel] You need a good sports bra.

Kazar: Leader. Prophet. Choreographer.

Blag: [to Kazar] And for the record, I've always hated your choreography. It's so... '80s.

Nigel: Here I come! Hey!

[lands hard on the fence]

Nigel: Who put that bar there?

Benny: Well, that settles it, then. My mother definitely drank pool water when she was pregnant with me.

Samson: Who are you?

Camo: Our names aren't important.

Cloak: I'm Cloak, he's Camo.

Ryan: Dad, thanks for the technical help, but if you really wanted me to roar like you, you'd take me to the wild.

Ryan: [to his father] I just want you to know I'm sorry you didn't have a father like the one I have.

Samson: Those boxes are bad news. Stay away.

Nigel: Permission to go down with the ship, sir? Hang on, stuff that - everyone off the ship!

Nigel: As that famous koala once said, "We will fight them... with... peaches."

[repeated line]

Talking Koala Bear Doll: I'm so cuddly, I like you.

Hyrax: [sarcastically] Run for your lives everyone, it's a lion with big moral issues. Ouch! And I had enough of you too! Thanks a lot for wrecking my day!

Benny: [after being confronted by a pack of wildebeest] Don't panic, I'm in charge here.

Bridget: That's why we're panicking!

[first lines]

Samson: So there I was, face to face with the biggest, meanest leopard on the savannah and...

Ryan: You roared so loud, his spots flew off. Dad I've heard that story a billion times.

[Benny walks up to Hamir]

Hamir: Oh Benny, I am needing until Friday before I pay you back.

Benny: No, no, it's Ryan. He's in one of those green boxes, and they took it away. We got to find him.

Hamir: That is not good, not good at all.

[Pidgeons are dancing behind him trying to tell him something]

Hamir: Ah! I know, I know! I am telling him you crazy pigeons!


Kazar: Step, Kick, Pivot, Kick, Walk, Walk, Walk! Aaaahhh! Why do we even bother rehearsing.

[snorts at Blag]

Kazar: Mmmmm. Mmm-mm. A good chorus line is so hard to put together.

Nigel: If you don't give us ice creams pretty quick, you're gonna walk the plank, sir.

Nigel: I am not a doll.

Monkey #1: Cushy Tushy!

Nigel: Aaahhh! Leave my bum alone!

Carmine: You done running your mouth yet, Carmine? Huh? Are you? Huh? Huh?

[turns to Samson and his friends]

Carmine: I apologize, he never got over being flushed down the toilet.

[hit Carmine 2 more times]

Carmine: Huh?

Carmine: Yeah.


Nigel: Ooh. Does anyone have any eucalyptus wipes?

Larry: Oh, oh, I know; he's sulking because he lives in his father's shadow, and he roars like a school girl.

Samson: Thanks, Larry.

Larry: You betcha.

Hyrax: Aaahh! Doesn't anyone ever knock anymore?

Samson: Hey, where's my son? Did he come through here?

Hyrax: Yeah, now that I think about it, he did come through here.

[turns to toilet]

Hyrax: Hello? Come out of there, baby lion, your dad's here! well, what do you know, it's a whole pride of lions down here!

Nigel: Do we not have the Party Hats of Death? I've got mine.

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