Teacher’s Pet Quotes (2004)

Teacher’s Pet Quotes (2004)

Spot/Scott: What is it with this family and singing? I'm starting to feel a little VonTrapped.

Mr. Jolly: AAAAAIE. It's a monster. It's hideous.

Pretty Boy: It's just your reflection.

Mr. Jolly: Oh... AAAAAIE.

Spot/Scott: Time sure flies when you're changing species.

Ivan Krank: It's alive. IT'S ALIVE. That's a good start.

Spot/Scott: I wanna be a boy.

Pretty Boy: Well, I wanna be a rooster in a hen house, but I just don't see it happening. Isn't that right, Mr. Jolly?

Mr. Jolly: It's too early in the morning for hypothetical discussion, but since you brought it up... you? A rooster?

Pretty Boy: Florida, Schmorida! It's just Jersey with palm trees!

Mr. Jolly: Well, I suppose most people don't arrive by garbage truck.

Ivan Krank: Oh, haven't you heard, my good man? Nature is dead! Science is king!

Mr. Jolly: Oh, that is just wrong on so many levels.

TV Actress: John.

TV Actor: Marsha.

TV Actress: John.

TV Actor: Marsha.

Spot/Scott: Yawn. Mush-a.

Spot/Scott: I had to come. I had to be with you. And I needed a ride to Florida for my own self-serving reasons, but why spoil a beautiful moment.

Pretty Boy: I ain't no fairy.

Mr. Jolly: Outside? But I'm an indoor cat. I'm afraid of the outside.


[Upon receiving an attendance medal]

Spot/Scott: Thank you, Mrs. Helperman. This is just the thing to go with my Science medal, my Math medal, and my Sports medal. Not to mention my medal for self-esteem.

Spot/Scott: Hey I'll do the clich├ęd Irish dialogue around here.

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