The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning Quotes (2008)

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning Quotes (2008)

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Marina Del Ray: Benjamin! Tear out those puny windows, rip down those narrow walls! This is just the beginning. I want a balcony, so I can wave down at the adoring crowds, but high enough that they can't see the disdain on my face.

Marina Del Ray: Can you feel it, Benjamin? The sweet taste of power! Filling, yet oddly minty!

Delivery Fish: So how long has she been in charge?

Benjamin: We're going on seven minutes.

Marina Del Ray: As you can see Your Majesty, I -

[raises chair to Triton's level]

Marina Del Ray: I'm a self starter, Your Majesty. Here to anticipate your every need! Not like that last guy, what was his name? Sooner we forget about him, the better. In fact! Let's make a vow, never to mention his name again. Here, I'll start!

Marina Del Ray: [claps hands over mouth] There! Wasn't that easy?

Sebastian: Marina!

[sees her strange outfit]

Sebastian: What are you wearing?

Benjamin: Let's think about what we've learned here. You just can't hurt people. Hurting is mean. We don't wanna be mean, do we?

Marina Del Ray: [blows her nose] Maybe you're right.

Benjamin: [pinches her cheek] That's my girl. Samba?

Swifty: Do you promise to jump, jive, wail, groove, rock steady, and at all times lend a helping hand to your fellow music lovers?

Sebastian: What about Ariel? You just gonna abandon her, leave her to deal wit all dat we tangled her up in? You tink that small, weak, helpless little girl can do anything by herself?

Sebastian: [Ariel smashes open door] Ariel?

Ariel: Come on Sebastian, let's go.

Ariel: I was just listening to music in an underground club!

Attina: Eh, okay where were you really?

Ariel: Well, it wasn’t a boy, ok? I was just helping a friend. Out past the kelp forest.

Aquata: Ooo, past the kelp forest. It wasn’t a boy. It was a BAD boy!

Arista: Huh! Oh, Ariel!

Aquata: Simmer down there, sister.

Ariel: Just because you’re the oldest, Attina, doesn’t mean you get to boss us around.

Attina Yes it does!

Marina: Benjamin, if we are late again I’ll never get a promotion.

Benjamin: Marina!

Aquata: Come on, girls. [Ariel and her sisters swim by Marina]

: Ooo no, no not that I want a promotion. I love this job. Looking after you is what I live for...really… [turns to Benjamin] I hate this job!

Benjamin: The less said the better.

Queen Athena: Oh the waves roll low / and the waves roll high / and so / it goes / under a bright blue, endless sky / Waves try to measure / the days that we treasure / wave hello, and wave goodbye.

Marina: This job is killing me.

Benjamin: Oh dear!

Marina: If I have to watch over these spoiled princesses one more day I’m gonna beach myself!

Andrina: Ooo, was it a boy?

Adella: AH! If it’s a boy, I’m gonna die!

Aquata: Uh drama...

Adella: I mean I’m happy for you, Ariel…

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