The Hunchback of Notre Dame II Quotes (2002)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II Quotes (2002)

[repeated line]

Sarousch: Ooh lovely...

Sarousch: [to himself] Ooh, lovely... I'm rich! Rich! I wonder if they make diamond underwear.

Esmeralda: Zephyr, you need to slow down.

Zephyr: [really slow] Okay, Mom...

Zephyr: Yuck.

Quasimodo: Yeah. Yuck.

Sarousch: What are you doing here?

Madellaine: Just standing here looking pretty.

Sarousch: Oh, did you find out where the monster keeps his bell, trinket?

Madellaine: He is NOT a monster, and I am NOT your trinket!

Laverne: [as she and the other gargoyles watch Quasi see Madellaine leave, he has a euphoric look on his face] Aw, it does my heart good to see our boy like that.

Hugo: Yep. He does seem to have a certain savoir-faire.

[Quasimodo faints]

Hugo: I hope it's not contagious!

Phoebus: [to Achilles] A string of robberies begins the moment a circus comes to town. Coincidence? I don't think so. How many times have I ever been wrong?

[Achilles neighs, and counts on his hoof]

Phoebus: Achilles... that was a rhetorical question.

Phoebus: [to Achilles] Achilles, do you believe this? Everybody is mad at me. How often does that happen?

[Achilles counts on his hoof]

Phoebus: Rhetorical!

[to Quasimodo]

Madellaine: You have a way with kids.

Sarousch: [to himself] Which do you think will go better with my eyes? Diamonds or sapphires?

Laverne: [as she watches Quasi sadly carve a figurine of Madellaine] Are you okay?

Quasimodo: No. You saw the way she looked at me.

Laverne: Well then, get to look again, honey. [Quasi has just finished carving his figurine of Madellaine and fastens one of the arms to it; he smiles and turns to Laverne]

Quasimodo: Do you believe in miracles?

Laverne: Miracles? What kind of miracles?

Quasimodo: Oh, you know, just ordinary miracles.

Laverne: I'm not following ya, kid.

Quasimodo: Well, I see people together, couples... and it looks so nice, being with someone who loves you. I guess I'm just wondering if... maybe someone could love me?

Laverne: [as she, Hugo, and Victor try to encourage Quasi to see Madellaine] Get out there, sweetie!

Quasimodo: [whispering squeakily] I-I-I can't! What might I say?

Victor: Open your mouth! Something will come out!

[Quasi stutters squeakily]

Hugo: Nothing came out.

Victor: Go to the circus, make a good impression! Hm, what does one wear to a carnival event?

Quasimodo: Nothing.

Hugo: Daring, ha-ho! Maybe a bit pushy for a first date.

Laverne: Quasi, you can stay in here and hope for a miracle, or you can get out there and make a miracle of your own.

Quasimodo: [looking at his wooden figures he just carved, Quasi thinks to himself, then smiles excitedly] You're right! I'm off to the circus! Oh, but what am I gonna wear?

Hugo: I've got the perfect thing, kid!

Quasimodo: What are you doing?

Zephyr: Nothing. You were making google eyes at your girlfriend.

Quasimodo: Wha-? She... She's not my... Who said she was my-? That's awf...

[scoffs mildly]

Quasimodo: Zephyr!

[both laugh]

Victor: [Hands a rope to Hugo] Hold this.

Victor: [Hugo drops it and a bell falls on the gargoyles, trapping them] What part of "hold this" was too complex?

[first lines]

Parisian #1: Hey come back. Wait up.

Parisian #2: Oh, what a beautiful day. Good morning.

Madellaine: [seeing Quasimodo's model village] My name is Madellaine, I'm with the circus, and... oh, I just love bells.

[accidently knocks a few figurines over]

Madellaine: Which one is La Fidele?

Hugo: [as he, Laverne, and Victor shove Quasimodo out] The bells, you ding dong! She likes the bells! Talk shop!

Madellaine: [seeing La Fidele for the first time] Oh, it's beautiful.

Quasimodo: Yes, you are. I-I mean, yes, she is! La Fidele, that is. That's her name, La Fidele. "The Faithful One."

[lifting La Fidele up to reveal the inside to Madellaine]

Quasimodo: But she's even more beautiful on the inside.

[Madellaine gazes eagerly]

Quasimodo: I'll-I'll show you.

Zephyr: Yuck!

Quasimodo, Madellaine: Yeah, yuck!

Victor: I'm so happy I could just mildew.

[last lines]

Quasimodo: [exclaims] I love Madellaiiiiiiiiiiiine!

Madellaine: [giggles and exclaims] And I love Quasimodo!

[giggles again, then the people cheer]

[Madellaine sneezes]

Gargoyles: Gesundheit!

Madellaine: Oh, thank you.

Hugo: You're welcome!

Hugo: [Laverne bonks him on the head] Hey!

Laverne: Shh...

Hugo: [clapping his hand over his mouth] Ooh...

Zephyr: Who's name will you yell tomorrow, Quasi?

Quasimodo: Mm - no one, I guess.

Zephyr: Then who's gonna scream your name?

Quasimodo: [sadly] I don't think anyone ever will, Zephyr.

Zephyr: Well - why not?

Quasimodo: [singing] Oh, how the stars will sparkle on the water while the troubadours sing tales of true romance...

Victor, Hugo: [both singing] The spirits may rise... with fire in their eyes...

Laverne: While gypsy girls enchant you with a dance! Hoo-hoo-hoo!

Hugo: Too bad there's only one of me to go around, eh?

Laverne: Ha! One is plenty, believe me.

Hugo: Ah, thanks. Hey! Was that a shot?

Laverne: Maybe.

Hugo: Take that back!

Laverne: No!

Hugo: Take that... [Laverne punches him; he responds, muffled]

Hugo: back.

Laverne: And what's the festival - ?

Victor: Without the bell?

Hugo: Or the bell ringer?

Madellaine: Quasi, listen to me. I know I hurt you. I'm sorry. But I am someone you can trust.

Quasimodo: [turning away from her, sorrowfully] How can I? I've already made that mistake.

Madellaine: Quasimodo, there's more to me.

Madellaine: Quasimodo, you've shown me that the world is full of miracles.

Quasimodo: Just ordinary miracles. They happen every day.

Quasimodo: [after he and Madellaine find out that La Fidele has been stolen] Did you know about this?

Madellaine: I-I wanted to tell you, I tried.

Quasimodo: You used me!

Madellaine: No! Please!

Quasimodo: [mimicking Madellaine] "Which one is La Fidele?" "Let-Let's go for a walk". You never cared about me!

Madellaine: [protesting] No, that is not true!

Quasimodo: [storming away] You were right.

Phoebus: Quasi, I'm sorry.

[to his guards]

Phoebus: Take her away!

Madellaine: [chasing Quasi, who is still storming away back to Notre Dame] No! No, Quasi, please, just-just let me explain!

[the guards capture her]

Madellaine: Look at me! Quasimodo, just look at me!

[without another word, Quasi slams the door]

Sarousch: [as he and his associates are arrested for stealing La Fidele] Fools, I am Sarousch! This is not the ending I had in mind!

[the prison wagon closes]

Sarousch: No prison can hold me! Wait, we can work this out. Did I mention I do birthday parties?

Quasimodo: Hey, you were really great up there.

Madellaine: Ah, me? Nothing to it, I just have to - stand there and look pretty, you know? La-dee-dum, ho-dee-do, no big deal.

Quasimodo: No. No, it-it-it-it is a big deal. You-you have to make the audience look when they're supposed to, not give away the trick.

Madellaine: Hm, you mean - hocus their pocus?

[playfully tickles Quasi, then places his hat upside down on his head]

Madellaine: Delusion their illusion?

[they both laugh]

Quasimodo: Abra their cadabra?

Phoebus: [entering Esmeralda's tent] That circus is responsible for a string of robberies.

Esmeralda: What?

Zephyr: [juggling his balls] I like the circus, Papa. I want to join, and...

Phoebus: Absolutely not! Those people...

Esmeralda: Those people? How can you lump people together like that?

Phoebus: But the gypsies weren't guilty of crimes like these circus people.

Quasimodo: [sternly] Madellaine's not. She's different.

Phoebus: Well, maybe. And maybe she's just using you to get something else.

Quasimodo: You don't think she could be interested in me? Just for me?

Phoebus: Well, yes... of course, anyone could, but look at the facts.

Quasimodo: Find some! Then I will.

Madellaine: [sighs] You must think I'm stupid.

Quasimodo: Not at all. That just means you have an imagination.

Madellaine: Do your really think so?

Quasimodo: I do.

Madellaine, Quasimodo: [together] There's something I need to know.

[both laugh]

Quasimodo: [as hands Madellaine a yellow rose] Madellaine, you know, the festival's tomorrow, an-and I thought that - I mean we could... you know... go?

Madellaine: Quasi, I'm not the person you think I am.

[hands the rose back to Quasi while he looks on, shocked]

Madellaine: But I want to be, more than anything.

Quasimodo: [sighs lightly] Madellaine, tell me the truth.

Madellaine: [as she searches for Quasi in the bell tower] Are - are you... hiding from me? [she looks up to see Quasi hiding under one of the bells, then giggles]

Quasimodo: [rudely but reluctantly] No. What's so funny?

Madellaine: Nothing, it's just - it's looks like you're wearing a really big hat. [giggles again]

Madellaine: Oh, that - that sounds silly, doesn't it?

Quasimodo: No, I've just never looked at it that way before. [chuckles]

Madellaine: Yes, it's a - it's a brass beret. [Quasi uncovers himself to see her for the first time]

Madellaine: A - a two ton topper.

Quasimodo: [laughs as he rings the bell he's hiding under, then uncovers himself again] A cha - peau in C-sharp! [he and Madellaine laugh]

Zephyr: I thought you forgot about me.

Quasimodo: That will never happen. I'll always be here for you.

Zephyr: Always?

Quasimodo: Always.

Quasimodo: [as he takes Zephyr's balls and juggles them] I'm sticking to you.

Zephyr: Hey, no fair.

Quasimodo: [as he tosses the balls back to Zephyr] Can't help that. We're stuck together.

[lifts Zephyr onto his back]

Zephyr: [yawns] Best friends.

Quasimodo: And we always will be. Always.

Quasimodo: Paris is... really pretty. I-I mean, you - you've - probably seen it already, but then maybe you haven't, and if you haven't then - then - then maybe we could - I could - you, you know... show you.

Madellaine: I'd really like that.

Clopin: Come, mes ami! As part of the Festival D'Amour, a circus has come to Paris!

Quasimodo: [singing] Imagine someone to love who loves you. Imagine to look in her eyes and see. Imagine how extraordinary that would be... if an ordinary miracle - happened to... me.

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