Sleeping Beauty Quotes (1959)

Sleeping Beauty Quotes (1959)

Prince Phillip: [Hearing Aurora's singing] You hear that, Samson? Beautiful.

[Samson snorts]

Prince Phillip: What is it? Come on, let's find out.

[Samson refuses]

Prince Phillip: Aw, come on. For an extra bucket of oats? And a few... carrots? [Samson nods yes]

Prince Phillip: Hup, boy!

[They ride through the forest; Samson jumps over a river but Phillip falls off and into the water]

Prince Phillip: Whoa!

[Samson goes back for him and Phillip splashes water on his face]

Prince Phillip: No carrots.

Fauna: Now, yeast, one tsp. Tsp?

Merryweather: One teaspoon.

Fauna: One teaspoon, of course!

Merryweather: Sweet princess, if through this wicked witch's trick, a spindle should your finger prick... a ray of hope there still may be in this, the gift I give to thee. Not in death, but just in sleep, the fateful prophecy you'll keep. And from this slumber you shall wake, when true love's kiss, the spell shall break.

Chorus: [singing] For true love conquers all!

Princess Aurora: Well, I'm really not supposed to speak to strangers, but we've met before.


Princess Aurora: I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam. Yet I know it's true, that visions are seldom all they seem... but if I know you, I know what you'll do: you'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream...

Merryweather: [referring to the dress] It's pink!

Flora: Oh, lovely shade, isn't it?

Merryweather: But I wanted it blue.

Flora: Now, dear, we decided pink was her color!

Merryweather: YOU decided!

Prince Phillip: I'm awfully sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you.

Princess Aurora: Oh, it wasn't that. Is just that you're a... a...

Prince Phillip: A stranger?

Princess Aurora: Mm-hm.

Prince Phillip: But don't you remember? We've met before.

Princess Aurora: We... we have?

Prince Phillip: But of course! You said so yourself. Once upon a dream.

Maleficent: It's incredible! Sixteen years and not a trace of her! She couldn't have vanished into thin air.

[to her goons]

Maleficent: Are you sure you searched everywhere?

Maleficent's goon: Yep, yep, everywhere. We all did.

[the rest of the goons chatter agreement]

Maleficent: And what about the town? The forests? The mountains?

Maleficent's goon: Yeah, we searched mountains and forests and, uh, houses and... uh, lemme see here... and all the cradles. Maleficent: Cradle?

Maleficent's goon: Yep, yep, every cradle.

Maleficent: Cradle!

[to her pet raven]

Maleficent: Did you hear that, my pet? All these years, they've been looking for a baby.

[she bursts out laughing, as do her goons]

Maleficent: Well, quite a glittering assemblage King Stefan. Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and...

[sees the three good fairies, laughs]

Maleficent: ...oh, how quaint - even the rabble.

Maleficent: Oh come now Prince Phillip. Why so melancholy? A wondrous future lies before you - you, the destined hero of a charming fairy tale come true. Behold - King Stefan's castle. And in yonder topmost tower, dreaming of her true love, the Princess Aurora. But see the gracious whim of fate - why, 'tis the self-same peasant maid, who won the heart of our noble prince but yesterday. She is indeed, most wondrous fair. Gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red red rose. In ageless sleep, she finds repose. The years roll by, but a hundred years to a steadfast heart, are but a day. And now, the gates of a dungeon part, and our prince is free to go his way. Off he rides, on his noble steed, a valiant figure, straight and tall! To wake his love, with love's first kiss. And prove that "true love" conquers all!

King Hubert: Nowadays I'm still the king! And I command you to come to your senses!

Prince Phillip: [mounting his horse] And marry the girl I love.

King Hubert: Exactly!

Prince Phillip: [riding off] Goodbye, father!

King Hubert: Goodbye, father. Marry the girl you... No, no! No, no, Phillip! Stop! Come back!

Narrator: In a faraway land, long ago, there lived a King and his fair Queen. Many years they had longed for a child, and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Aurora. Yes, they named her after the dawn, for she filled their lives with sunshine. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the land, so that all of high or low estate could pay homage to the infant Princess. And our story begins on that most joyful day...

Narrator: But King Stefan, still fearful of his daughter's life, did then and there decree that every spinning wheel in the kingdom should on that very day be burned, and so 'twas done.

Flora: Good gracious! Who left the mop running?

Merryweather: Stop, mop!

Prince Phillip: Now, father, you're living in the past. This is the 14th century!

[Prince Phillip cuts through the forest of thorns and rides toward King Stefan's castle]

Maleficent: No! It cannot be!

[transforms herself into a whirlwind & appears in front of Phillip, blocking his path]

Maleficent: Now, shall you deal with ME, O Prince - and all the powers of HELL!

[laughing, she transforms herself into a huge dragon; Phillip charges]

[as Phillip escapes the Forbidden Mountain and rides toward King Stefan's castle]

Maleficent: A forest of thorns shall be his tomb! Borne through the skies on a fog of doom! Now go with the curse, and serve me well! 'Round Stefan's Castle, CAST MY SPELL!

Merryweather: I'd like to turn her into a fat ol' - hop toad.

Fauna: Now, dear, that isn't a very nice thing to say.

Flora: Besides, we can't. You know our magic doesn't work that way.

Fauna: It can only do good, dear, to bring joy and happiness.

Merryweather: Well, that would make me happy.

Merryweather: It looks awful. Flora: That's because it's on you, dear.

Flora: Thou sword of truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure!

Maleficent: Listen well, all of you.

[clangs her scepter against the floor]

Maleficent: The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But... before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger, on the spindle of a spinning wheel - AND DIE!

Queen: [clutching Aurora] Oh no!

[Maleficent laughs]

King Stefan: Seize that creature!

Maleficent: Stand back, you fools! [she disappears in a burst of green fire]

Flora: Don't despair, your Majesties. Merryweather still has her gift to give.

King Stefan: Then, she can undo this fearful curse?

Merryweather: Oh no, Sire!

Flora: Maleficent's powers are far too great.

Fauna: But she can help.

Maleficent: [seeing captured Prince Philip] Well - this is a pleasant surprise. I set my trap for a peasant and LO! - I catch a prince! Away with him - but gently my pets, gently. I have plans for our royal guest.

Fauna: Maleficent doesn't know anything about love, or kindness, or the joy of helping others. You know, sometimes I don't think she's really very happy.

King Hubert: Stefan, there's - there's something important I have to tell you.

King Stefan: Eh, but not now, Hubert.

King Hubert: But, but it's uh, about Phillip.

King Stefan: Phillip? Oh, yes, of course, Phillip. Why, where is the boy?

King Hubert: That's what I'm trying to tell you.

King Stefan: Well, send for him immediately!

King Hubert: But...

King Stefan: Shhh!

[fanfare plays]

Herald: The sun has set! Make ready to welcome your princess!

[preparing for Aurora's birthday party]

Merryweather: But, I never baked a fancy cake.

Flora: Oh, you won't have to, dear!

Fauna: I'm going to bake the cake!

Merryweather: You? Flora: Oh, she's always wanted to, dear, and this is her last chance.

Merryweather: [doubtfully] Well...

Fauna: I'm going to make it 15 layers with pink and blue forget-me-nots.

Fauna: And I'm making the dress.

Merryweather: But you can't sew! And she's never cooked!

Flora: Oh, it's simple.

Fauna: All you do is follow the book!

Flora: [putting Merryweather on a stool] Up here, dear. You can be the dummy.

Merryweather: Well, I still say we oughta use magic.

Fauna: Rose!

Flora: Rose!

Merryweather: Don't touch...

Flora, Fauna, Merryweather: ANYTHING!

[their voices echo, Aurora pulls her hand back from the spindle for a moment]

Maleficent: Touch the spindle. Touch it I say!

[Aurora's finger touches the spindle; the fairies enter the room to find Maleficent]

Maleficent: You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me. Me! The mistress of all evil! Well, here's your precious princess!

[she pulls her cape away, revealing Aurora unconscious on the floor; laughing, she disappears]

Maleficent: Fools! Idiots! Imbeciles!

[drives her search patrol away]

Maleficent: [alone with her pet again] Oh, they're hopeless. A disgrace to the forces of evil.

[talking to the raven]

Maleficent: My pet... you are my last hope. Circle far and wide... search for a maid of sixteen with hair of sunshine gold and lips red as the rose. Go, and do not fail me.

[pet flies away]

Prince Phillip: But when will I see you again?

Princess Aurora: Oh never, never!

Prince Phillip: Never?

Princess Aurora: Well, maybe someday.

Prince Phillip: When, tomorrow?

Princess Aurora: Oh no, this evening!

Prince Phillip: Where?

Princess Aurora: [calling back while running away] At the cottage... in the glen.

Fauna: She's in love of the...!

Merryweather: Oh, no!

Flora: This is terrible!

Princess Aurora: Why? After all, I am sixteen.

Flora: It isn't that, dear. Fauna: You're already betrothed.

Princess Aurora: Betrothed?

Merryweather: Since the day you were born.

Fauna: To Prince Phillip, dear.

Princess Aurora: But that's impossible. How could I marry a prince? I'd have to be...

Merryweather: A princess. Fauna: And you are, dear.

Flora: Princess Aurora. Tonight we're taking you back to your father, King Stefan.

Princess Aurora: But... but I can't! He's coming here tonight. I promised to meet him.

Flora: I'm sorry, child. But you must never see that young man again.

Princess Aurora: Oh no. No! I can't believe it, no! No!

[she runs to her room, sobbing]

Flora: [Fauna cries at Aurora's and Phillip's wedding] Why Fauna, what's the matter, dear?

Fauna: Oh... I just love happy endings.

Flora: Yes. I do t...

[Sees Aurora's dress, gasps]

Flora: Oh... blue!

Fauna, Flora, Merryweather: [Chasing Aurora up the stairs to the spinning wheel] Rose! Rose! Don't touch ANYTHING! [echoes]

King Hubert: [fighting with Stefan] I'm not so sure my grandchildren want you for a grandfather!

King Hubert: The plans!

[Servant presents King Stefan with blueprints]

King Hubert: Well, what do you think? Nothing elaborate, of course. Forty bedrooms, dining hall... honeymoon cottage, really.

King Stefan: You - you mean you're building it already?

King Hubert: Built, man! Finished! Lovebirds can move in tomorrow. King Stefan: Tomorrow? But Hubert, they're not even married yet.

King Hubert: Ha ha, we'll take care of that tonight. To the wedding!

King Stefan: Now, hold on, Hubert. I haven't even seen my daughter yet, and you're taking her away from me?

King Hubert: Getting my Phillip, aren't you?

King Stefan: Yes, but...

King Hubert: Want to see our grandchildren, don't we?

King Stefan: Of course, but uh...

King Hubert: Well, there's no time to lose. Getting on in years, ha ha ha. To the wedding!

[the fairies rush to the cottage to find Phillip's hat on the floor]

Flora, Merryweather, Fauna: Maleficent!

Merryweather: She's got Prince Phillip!

Flora: At the Forbidden Mountain.

Fauna: But we can't, we can't go there!

Flora: We can, and we must!

Flora: Wait, Prince Phillip. The road to true love may be barred by still many more dangers, which you alone will have to face. So arm thyself with this enchanted Shield of Virtue, and this mighty Sword of Truth, for these weapons of righteousness will triumph over evil. Now come, we must hurry.

[after Aurora falls into her enchanted sleep]

Fauna: Poor King Stefan, and the Queen.

Merryweather: They'll be heartbroken when they find out.

Flora: They're not going to.

Merryweather: They aren't? But...

Flora: We'll put them all to sleep, until Rose awakens.

Princess Aurora: Oh, dear. Why do they still treat me like a child?

Owl: Who?

Princess Aurora: Aunt Flora, and Fauna, and Merryweather. They never want me to meet anyone.


Princess Aurora: But you know something? I fooled them. I have met someone. Owl: Who? Who?

Princess Aurora: Oh, a prince.

[Birds chirp]

Princess Aurora: Well, he's tall and handsome, and... and so romantic.

[Birds chirp]

Princess Aurora: Oh, we walk together, and talk together, and just before we say goodbye, he takes me in his arms, and then... I wake up.

[all the animals sigh]

Princess Aurora: Yes, it's only in my dreams. But they say if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true, and I've seen him so many times.

Flora: I'll turn her into a flower.

Merryweather: Maleficent?

Flora: [chuckles] No, no, dear. The princess.

Fauna: Oh, she'd make a lovely flower.

Flora: Don't you see? A flower can't prick its finger. Merryweather: It hasn't any.

Fauna: That's right.

Flora: She'll be perfectly safe.

Merryweather: Until Maleficent sends a frost.

Flora: [laughs, then stops abruptly] Yes... oh dear.

Fauna: She always ruins your nicest flowers.

[Fauna finishes lighting the candles on Aurora's birthday cake and it begins to fall over]

Fauna: Well, what do you think of it?

Flora: Why, it... it's a very unusual cake, isn't it?

Fauna: Yes... of course, it will be much stiffer after it's baked.

Flora: Of course, dear. Well, what do you think of the dress? [Aurora's dress which Merryweather is wearing is revealed to be in worse shape than the cake]

Fauna: Well, uh, it's... it isn't exactly the way it is in the book, is it...

Flora: Oh, I improved it. But perhaps if I added a few more ruffles... eh, what do you think?

Fauna: Um, I think so. What do you think, Merryweather?

Merryweather: I think we've had enough of this nonsense! I think we ought to think of Rose, and what she'll think of this mess!

[stalks off and the dress falls apart]

Merryweather: And I still think what I thunk before: I'm going to get those wands.


Fauna: You know, I think she's right.

King Hubert: To the wedding!

King Stefan: Now, be reasonable, Hubert. After all, Aurora knows nothing about all this.

King Hubert: Well?

King Stefan: Well, it may come as quite a shock.

King Hubert: [Spits out his wine] Shock? My Phillip a shock? What's wrong with my Phillip? King Stefan: Nothing, Hubert. I only meant... King Hubert: Why doesn't your daughter like my son? King Stefan: Now, now... King Hubert: I'm not so sure my son likes your daughter! King Stefan: Now, see here... King Hubert: I'm not so sure my grandchildren want you for a grandfather! King Stefan: Why you, you, unreasonable, pompous, blustering old windbag! King Hubert: Unreasonable, pompous... En garde, sir! [Reaches for his sword, but grabs a fish by mistake] King Stefan: I warn you, Hubert. This means war! King Hubert: [Fighting] Forward! For honor! For country! For... [Realizes he's fighting with a fish; they both start laughing] King Hubert: What's this all about, anyway? King Stefan: Nothing, Hubert. Absolutely nothing. King Hubert: Those children are bound to fall in love with each other! King Stefan: Precisely. And as for grandchildren, I'll have the royal woodcarvers start work on the cradle tomorrow. King Hubert: Splendid! King-sized, of course. King Stefan: Certainly! To the Woodcarvers' Guild!

Princess Aurora: [on her return from picking berries] Aunt Flora? Fauna? Merrywether?

[closes the door, but finds the house silent]

Princess Aurora: Where is everybody?

Princess Aurora: [gasps as she sees her new dress draped over a chair and rushes toward it eagerly] Oh!

Flora, Fauna, Merryweather: [appearing from their hiding place] Surprise! Surprise! Happy Birthday! Princess Aurora: Oh, you darlings! This is the happiest day of my life! Everything's so wonderful! Share this

Maleficent: [off-screen, coaxing Aurora into pricking her finger] Touch the spindle. Touch it, I say!

Flora: [to Aurora, seating her before a mirror] Now dear, if you'll just sit here. This one last gift, dear child, for thee.

[they conjure up a crown]

Flora: The symbol of thy royalty. A crown to wear in grace and beauty; as is thy right, and royal duty.

[Aurora puts her head in her arms and weeps]

Fauna: [comfortingly] Now, dear... Flora: Come. Let her have a few moments alone. [they walk out]

Merryweather: It's that boy she met.

Fauna: Whatever are we going to do?

[back in the room, the fire goes out and a hovering green flame appears; Aurora rises, entranced, and begins walking toward it to eerie music]

Merryweather: [irked] Ooh, I don't see why she has to marry any old... prince!

Fauna: Now, that's not for us to decide, dear.

[Aurora continues to follow the flame; a doorway appears in the fireplace]

Fauna: [to Flora] Maybe we should tell King Stefan about the boy.

Merryweather: Well why don't we? Flora: [listening at the door] Listen!... Maleficent! Rose!

[they rush in]

Flora, Fauna: Rose!

[they gasp, seeing Aurora step through the doorway in the fireplace]

Fauna: Oh why did we leave her alone? Rose!

[they rush towards the doorway; it vanishes]

Fauna: Why, it's Maleficent!

Merryweather: What does she want here?

Flora: Shh!

Maleficent: Well, quite a glittering assemblage, King Stefan. Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and-- [chuckles and looks at the Good Fairies] How quaint! Even the Rabble.

[Merryweather charges at her but is held back by Flora] I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.

Merryweather: You weren't wanted.

Maleficent: Not wa--Oh, dear, what an awkward situation. I had hoped it was merely due to some oversight. Well, in that event, I'd best be on my way.

Queen: And you're not offended, Your Excellency?

Maleficent: Why, no, Your Majesty. And to show I bear no ill will, I, too, shall bestow a gift on the child. Listen well, all of you! The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But… before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel...and DIE!

Queen: [grabs Aurora] Oh, no!

[Maleficent maniacally chuckles]

Stefan: Seize that creature!

Maleficent: Stand back, you fools!

Maleficent: Oh, come now, Prince Philip. Why so melancholy? A wondrous future lies before you. You, the destined hero of a charming fairy tale come true. [She shows Philip an image of King Stefan's castle, using her staff] Behold, King Stefan's castle. And in yonder topmost tower, dreaming of her true love, the Princess Aurora. But see the gracious whim of fate. Why, 'tis the selfsame peasant maid who won the heart of our noble prince but yesterday. She is indeed most wondrous fair, gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red, red rose. In ageless sleep, she finds repose. The years roll by. But a hundred years, to a steadfast heart, are but a day. And now, the gates of a dungeon part and our prince is free to go his way. Off he rides on his noble steed-- [shows him walking slowly away on his horse, old and slumped] a valiant figure, straight and tall-- to wake his love with "love's first kiss"...and prove that "true love" conquers all! [laughs wildly and evily]

Merryweather: Why, you, you, y-- [Flora pulls her back into hiding; Diablo the crow hears them, but Maleficent summons him]

Maleficent: Come, my pet. Let us leave our noble prince with these happy thoughts. [at the door] A most gratifying day. For the first time in sixteen years, I shall sleep well. [she leaves; Diablo eyes the door suspiciously]

[Flora, Fauna and Merryweather fly in]

Flora: Shh! No time to explain. [they magically break his chains and he gets up to leave] Wait, Prince Philip. The road to true love may be barred by still many more dangers, which you alone will have to face. So arm thyself with this enchanted shield of virtue, and this mighty sword of truth, for these weapons of righteousness will triumph over evil. Now come, we must hurry.

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