Recess: School’s Out Quotes (2001)

Recess: School’s Out Quotes (2001)

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[last lines]

Principal Prickly: But don't forget, come September, you're mine! I haven't forgotten about that "saggy butt" comment!

TJ: Hey, September is a long way off.

Benedict: Same old noble Pete. Always standing up for the rights of children.

TJ: [to Prickly] You?

Ashley: Hey, remember that summer after the second grade when we went down to the pond every day to catch minnows?

Gretchen: Or how about that summer we all carved our initials in that big tree in the Wilson's backyard?

Vince: And Spinelli spelled her's wrong.

Ashley: Hey, I was seven. And "S's" are tricky.

[Gus begins sobbing]

Ashley: What's your problem? This is the first summer you've lived here.

Gus: I know, and I'll never have any of those memories.

Gretchen: I've been studying the moon with the 200-inch telescope at the observatory, and I've discovered some peculiar eccentricities in it's orbit.

Counselor: You know, Gretchen, maybe you should try out one of these neat anti-gravity harnesses. The other kids love 'em, and look - you can do backflips, just like real astronauts.

Gretchen: But...

[Counselor flips away. Gretchen sighs]

Gretchen: Why do I bother?

TJ: [from space suit] Because you're driven by a passionate desire for knowledge.

Benedict: Oh, come now, Pete. There's no need to be rude. Not after I've instructed my men to provide you with special care.

Principal Prickly: Special care? That's what you call gagging me, tying me up, and taking away my pants?

Benedict: [Flashback to 1968] Be cool, people. Be cool.

Female Protester: We'll be cool when you give our kids their recess back!

Benedict: Hey, baby, I can do what I want! I'm the Principal of the school! And there's nothing anybody can do about it! Dig?

TJ: How do you know that jerk?

Principal Prickly: How do I know him? We attended teacher training together.

TJ: You mean?

Principal Prickly: That's right, Detweiler, that man is a rogue teacher.


Principal Prickly: It was the spring of '68, it was different times back then, all of us young, idealistic, ready to change the world.

Mrs. Finster: Peace Peter!

Principal Prickly: Hey Murial, had a groovy time at the Dead festival last night.

Mrs. Finster: You gonna be at the teach in, Saturday? We're gonna paint my Volkswagen!

Principal Prickly: Wouldn't miss it for the world!

[voice over]

Principal Prickly: Yes, we all thought we were pretty cool back then, but there was one guy who was the coolest of us all. Philliam Benedict was my best friend, and he had just been named Principal of 3rd Street School.

TJ: Hey, watch it! I've got a black belt in origami!

TJ: What am I gonna do? Play baseball by myself? Watch reruns? Read?

Mrs. Finster: I'm stuck! Curse these bodacious hips of mine! Randall, run back to my place and get the butter!

King Bob: I, King Bob, as my last official act before entering middle school, hereby anoint this boy here King Freddie the second.

[to King Freddie]

King Bob: May you boss around all of the kids with fairness.

Gus: Ninjas! Why did it have to be ninjas?

Principal Prickly: I'll let you in on a little secret, Detweiller. Every adult you've ever known was a kid at sometime in his life. You think we don't remember summer vacation? Riding our bikes down the creek. Catching polliwogs in a jar. Camping out under the stars. Well you're wrong! Sometimes I sit there in my office, looking out at you kids in the playground and I think, "They don't know how good they got it. In a few years, they'll be grownups like me and all those good times will be memories for them, too". So go ahead. Put a whoopie-cushion in my chair. Put fake vomit on my carpet. Make fun of my "big, saggy butt". But don't ever say I don't care about summer vacation, 'cause those memories are the last part of childhood I got left.

Benedict: All those years, I still thought about you. How you embarrassed me! How you humiliated me! How you destroyed my relationship with Muriel Finster, the only woman I ever loved!

TJ: That part still grosses me out, sir.

Principal Prickly: Shh.

Becky: Like, I am so through with him, Melissa. He asked me if I spoke French, then winked at me.

[Holding diary out of Becky's reach]

TJ: Uh uh uh. I got copies. Now either you give me a ride or this baby hits the internet.

[Principal Prickly and "TJ" are dressed as guards]

Principal Prickly: You sure this gonna work, Detweiller?

TJ: Come on, Mr. Prickly. Don't you watch old spy movies? This trick is pure gold. (To guard) Uh, Mr. Benedict wanted to see us about a very important matter.

Guard: Hey, you two aren't guards!

TJ: Ruuuun!

[after seeing a tractor beam shoot at the sky]

Vince: Now that right there. That was messed up.

Ashley: Got off our planet, alien scum!

Mrs. Finster: Hey, teacher! Leave them kids alone!

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