Pocahontas Quotes (1995)

Pocahontas Quotes (1995)

Powhatan: My daughter speaks with the wisdom beyond her years. We've all come here with anger in our hearts, but she comes with courage and understanding. From this day forward, if there is to be more killing, it will not start with me.

Pocahontas: [singing] You can own the earth and still / All you'll own is earth until / You can paint with all the colours of the wind.

Pocahontas: [as she throws herself over John Smith, who is about to be executed] No!


Pocahontas: If you kill him, you'll have to kill me, too.

Powhatan: Daughter, stand back.

Pocahontas: I won't! I love him, Father.


Pocahontas: Look around you. This is where the path of hatred has brought us.

[brief silence]

Pocahontas: This is the path I choose, Father. What will yours be?

Wiggins: [gives Percy a bath] Hurry now, Percy. We must be all squeaky clean for the New World.

John Smith: Look, we don't have to fight them.

Thomas: John, what's gotten into you?

John Smith: I met one of them.

Ben: You what?

Thomas: A savage!

John Smith: They're not savages, they can help us. They know the land, they know how to navigate the rivers...

[Meeko pulls out an ear of corn and gives it to John]

John Smith: And look, it's food.

Lon: What is it?

John Smith: It's better than hardtack and gruel, that's for sure.

Wiggins: I like gruel.

Governor Ratcliffe: [takes the corn and throws it on the ground] They don't want to feed us, you ninnies! They want to kill us! All of us! They've got our gold, and they'll do anything to keep it!

John Smith: But there is no gold!

Ben: 'No gold'?

Governor Ratcliffe: [sarcastically] And I suppose your little Indian friend told you this. John Smith: Yes.

Governor Ratcliffe: Lies! Lies, all of it! Murderous thieves - there's not room for their kind of civilized society!

John Smith: But this is their land!

Governor Ratcliffe: This is my land! I make the laws here! And I say anyone who so much as look at an Indian without killing him on sight, will be tried for treason and hanged!

Pocahontas: We don't have to fight them! There must be a better way.

Powhatan: Sometimes our paths are chosen for us.

Pocahontas: But maybe we should try talking to them.

Powhatan: They do not want to talk.

Pocahontas: But if one of them did want to talk, you would listen to him, wouldn't you?

Powhatan: Pocahontas...

Pocahontas: Wouldn't you?

Powhatan: Of course I would. But it is not that simple. Nothing is simple anymore.

Pocahontas: [explaining her dream to Grandmother Willow] Well, I'm running through the woods, and then, right there in front of me, is an arrow. As I look at it, it starts to spin.

Gradmother Willow: A spinning arrow? Ooh, how unusual.

Pocahontas: Yes. It spins, faster and faster and faster, until, suddenly, it stops.

Gradmother Willow: Hmm. Well, it seems to me, this spinning arrow is pointing you down your path.

Pocahontas: But, Grandmother Willow, what is my path? How am I ever going to find it?

Gradmother Willow: Your mother asked me the very same question.

Pocahontas: She did? What did you tell her?

Gradmother Willow: I told her to listen. All around you are spirits, child. They live in the earth, the water, the sky. If you listen, they will guide you.

Ratcliffe: I hereby claim this land and all its riches in the name of His Majesty, King James I, and do so name this settlement Jamestown.

Wiggins: Bravo! Beautifully spoken, sir.

Pocahontas: And we are all connected to each other in a circle in a hoop that never ends.

John Smith: We've improved the lives of savages all over the world.

Pocahontas: Savages?

John Smith: Uh, not that you're a savage.

Pocahontas: Just my people!

John Smith: No. Listen. That's not what I meant. Let me explain, now...

Pocahontas: Let go!

John Smith: No, I'm not letting you leave.

Pocahontas: [jumps up into a tree]

John Smith: Look, don't do this. Savage is just a word, uh, you know. A term for people who are uncivilized.

Pocahontas: Like me.

John Smith: Well, when I say uncivilized, what I mean is, is...

[he grabs a branch, but the branch is not strong enough to hold his weight, and John falls back to the ground. Pocahontas jumps down after him] Pocahontas: What you mean is, "not like you."

John Smith: [about Meeko eating his hardtacks] Is this bottomless pit a friend of yours?

Governor Ratcliffe: Wiggins, why do you think those insolent heathens attacked us?

Wiggins: Because we invaded their land and cut down their trees and dug up their earth?

Governor Ratcliffe: It's the gold! They have it and they don't want us to take it from them. Well, I'll just have to take it by force then, won't I?

Wiggins: [to Percy, waving a chicken leg] Who's a good doggy, hmm? Who's a good doggy?

[Percy rolls his eyes]

Wiggins: [throwing the chicken leg away] Fetch, boy!

John Smith: Come with me?

Powhatan: You must choose your own path.

Pocahontas: [pause] I'm needed here.

Grandmother Willow: What do you see?

Pocahontas: Clouds... strange clouds.

Wiggins: Do you think we'll meet some savages?

Governor Ratcliffe: If we do, we shall be sure to give them a proper English greeting.

Wiggins: [holds up baskets of wine and cheese] Ooh, gift baskets!

Governor Ratcliffe: Oh, no. And he came so highly recommended.

Governor Ratcliffe: [taken away in chains, muffled] How dare you! Untie me at once! I'll have your heads for this!

Wiggins: [tearfully] And he came so highly recommended.

Governor Ratcliffe: I've never been a popular man.

Wiggins: I like you.

Governor Ratcliffe: And don't think I don't know what those back stabbers at court say about me.

Wiggins: Oh, yes, all that talk about being a pathetic social climber who's failed at everything he's tried...

Governor Ratcliffe: I'm very well aware that this is my last chance for glory. But mark my words, Wiggins. When King James sees the gold these peasants unearth, success will be mine... at last.

Thomas: [to Pocahontas, about John after being wounded] Going back is his only chance. He'll die if he stays here.

John: [goes to shake Meeko's hand] It's alright, it's just a hand shake. Here let me show you.

[Long pause]

Pocahontas: Nothing's happening.

John: No. No, I need your hand first. [She holds her hand out and he shakes it] It's how we say hello.

Pocahontas: This is how we say hello. Wingapo.

John: Wingapo.

Pocahontas: And how we say goodbye. Ana.

John: I like hello better.

Kocoum: Nakoma, where is Pocahontas?

Nakoma: I... I haven't seen her.

Kocoum: Pocahontas can't keep running off. It's dangerous out there. Tell her that. She listens to you.

Nakoma: [sarcastically to herself] Huh. Sure she does.

John Smith: Pocahontas, that tree is talking to me.

Pocahontas: Then you should talk back.

Grandmother Willow: Don't be frightened, young man. My bark is worse than my bite.

Pocahontas: Say something.

John Smith: What do you say to a tree?

Pocahontas: Anything you want.


Powhatan: This is what we feared. The paleface is a demon / The only thing they feel at all is greed.

Kekata: Beneath that milky hide, there's emptiness inside.

Warriors: I wonder if they even bleed.

Warriors: [all] They're savages, savages, barely even human. Savages, savages

Powhatan: Killers at the core.

Kekata: They're different from us, which means they can't be trusted.

Powhatan: We must sound the drums of war!

Wiggins: [has what looks like an arrow through the head] I... I...

[takes off arrow]

Wiggins: I made it myself.

Governor Ratcliffe: [singing] The gold of Cortez, the jewels of Pizarro / Will seem like mere trinkets by this time tomorrow. / The gold we find here will dwarf them by far. / Oh, with all you got in ya, boys / Dig up Virginia, boys.

Grandmother Willow: Come closer, John Smith.

[she inspects him]

Grandmother Willow: He has a good soul. And he's handsome, too.

John Smith: Oh, I like her.

Pocahontas: I knew you would.

Pocahontas: Lately, I've been having this dream and I think it's...

Grandmother Willow: Oh, a dream! Let's hear all about it!

[animals begin to chatter excitedly]

Grandmother Willow: Quiet!

[a squirrel crawls over her face, which she blows away; the animals continue to chatter]

Grandmother Willow: QUIET!

[all falls silent; a frog croaks, Grandmother Willow glares at it, making it gulp and hide under its lily pad]

John Smith: [about Percy and Meeko] You see what I mean? Once two sides wanna fight, nothing can stop them.

Pocahontas: [Percy and Meeko circling around her] C-Come here, both of you!

John Smith: It's all right! He's only a friend! Bad! Bad dog! Sit!

[Flit laughs, then Meeko snatches him and straightens his beak to be sharp like a sword. He begins to fence off Percy]

Pocahontas: What are you doing? Meeko!

John Smith: Percy, get back here! What are you doing? Stop that!

Grandmother Willow: All right! That's enough!

[Percy stiffens up and faints into the river. Grandmother Willow lifts him back to the stump with one of her branches]

Grandmother Willow: It's enough to make your sap boil.

Grandmother Willow: Now then, there's something I want to show you. Look. [dips her vine in the water in which glowing ripples begin to form]

Pocahontas: The ripples.

John Smith: What about them?

Grandmother Willow: So small at first, then look how they grow. But someone has to start them.

John Smith: They're not gonna listen to us.

Grandmother Willow: Young man, sometimes the right path is not the easiest one. Don't you see? Only when the fighting stops, can you be together. [Pocahontas smiles] John Smith: Alright, let's go talk to your father. [Pocahontas and John hug each other]

John Smith: Pocahontas...

Pocahontas: [hugs him] I'm so sorry.

John Smith: For what? This? I've gotten out of worse scrapes than this. Can't think of anything right now, but...

Pocahontas: [tearfully] It would've been better if we never met. None of this would've happened.

John Smith: Pocahontas, look at me. I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.

Nakoma: Pocahontas?

Pocahontas: I can't leave you.

John Smith: You never will. No matter what happens to me, I'll always be with you, forever.

Lon: [Lon and Thomas are gazing at the new world for the first time] It's incredible!

Thomas: And it's all ours. I've never seen anything like it!

Ben: [approaching] It could look like Ratcliffe's knickers for all I care, so long as we get off the stinking boat!

Governor Ratcliffe: [Thomas is staring after John Smith, who has just snuck off to see Pocahontas. Ratcliffe appears behind him and pushes him out the fort] Follow him.

Thomas: [standing to attention] Yes, governor.

Governor Ratcliffe: I want to know where he's sneaking off to.

Thomas: Yes, sir.

Governor Ratcliffe: And if you see any Indians...

[tossing Thomas a rifle]

Governor Ratcliffe: shoot them.

[Thomas looks at the rifle uncertainly]

Governor Ratcliffe: Oh, and Thomas... you've been a slipshod sailor and a poor excuse for a soldier. Don't disappoint me again.

[Thomas walks off, looking hurt]

Thomas: [Thomas aims at Kocoum and closes one eye] Both eyes open... [he opens both eyes, fires and hits Kocoum in the chest]

Thomas: [looking at Kocoum's body after shooting him] Is he...?

Pocahontas: You killed him...

Thomas: I thought that...

Pocahontas: [Pocahontas rushes at Thomas] Get away from him!

John Smith: [John Smith holds her back] Pocahontas, it wont help! He was only...

Pocahontas: [shouts] He killed him!

John Smith: [they hear other Indians approaching] Thomas! Get out of here!

[Thomas hesitates]

John Smith: [yells] Get out of here!

Governor Ratcliffe: [after Powhatan has released John Smith] Now's our chance! Fire!

Thomas: No!

Governor Ratcliffe: What?

Thomas: They let him go!

Ben: They don't want to fight!

Governor Ratcliffe: It's a trick, don't you see? Fire!

[no one moves. Ratcliffe grabs someone's gun]

Governor Ratcliffe: Fine! I'll settle this myself!

[he aims at Powhatan]

John Smith: [seeing Ratcliffe] No!

[he pushes Powhatan away and is shot in the stomach]

Thomas: John!

[John falls. Thomas turns on Ratcliffe]

Thomas: You shot him!

Governor Ratcliffe: He... he stepped right into it! It was his own fault!

Governor Ratcliffe: You there, where's Captain Smith?

Lon: Well, he's... gone.

Ben: [knowingly] Aye, your singing must've scared him off!

Governor Ratcliffe: Well, then go get him, for heaven's sake!

Lon: What if we run into the Indians?

Governor Ratcliffe: That's what guns are for. Now arm yourselves and get moving!

Thomas: [as a bugle is being played] John, you better get down here! The governor's coming ashore!

John Smith: [blows an attacking Flik away from his face] All right, all right! I'm leaving.

Ben: [Captain John Smith has just jumped off the ship during a storm to save Thomas] Smith! Are you crazy?

Pocahontas: [singing] You think I'm an ignorant "savage" and you've been so many places; I guess it must be so, but still I cannot see if the savage one is me. How can there be so much that you don't know? You don't know.

Lon: [singing] We shot ourselves an injun, or maybe two or three...

Ben: [kicks him] Alright, you howling nutter! Get to work!

Lon: Come on, Ben, it's just a little fun.

Ben: [sarcastically] Oh, sure, we're having loads of fun. Right, look at us - no gold, no food, while Ratcliffe sits up in his tent all day happy as a clam.

Governor Ratcliffe: [in his tent] I'm doomed! I should be wallowing in riches right now, and I haven't found as much as a speck!

Nakoma: Pocahontas!

Pocahontas: Nakoma!

Nakoma: Don't go out there. I lied for you once. Don't ask me to do it again.

Pocahontas: I have to do this.

Nakoma: He's one of them!

Pocahontas: You don't know him.

Nakoma: If you go out there, you'll be turning your back on your own people.

Pocahontas: I'm trying to help my people.

Nakoma: Pocahontas, please. You're my best friend. I don't want you to get hurt.

Pocahontas: I won't. I know what I'm doing.

Nakoma: Pocahontas, no!

[Pocahontas runs off]

Lon: This place gives me the creeps. Savages could be hiding anywhere.

Ben: Aye, well if you spot one, don't ask questions, just shoot.

Lon, Ben: [they pass Grandmother Willow who trips them with her root] WHOA!

Ben: Watch your feet, you big oaf!

Lon: It wasn't me, it was the tree.

Ben: [sarcastically] Oh, of course, the tree just felt like lifting its roots. And...

[Ben and Lon see that Grandmother Willow moved her roots down]

Ben: [afraid] Let's get out of here.

Lon, Ben: [Grandmother whips them both with her vines] OW!

Ben: Run!

[they rush away]

Lon: But what about Smith?

Ben: He's a big lad. He can take care of himself.

Grandmother Willow: That's the strangest creature I've ever seen. [on Percy, who is running around with his head stuck in a tree trunk]

John Smith: [to Thomas] Keep both eyes open when you shoot. You see twice as well.

Pocahontas: John: You have the most unusual names here, Chechomony, Kuyukanhoic, Pocahontas.

John Smith: Pocahontas: You have a most unusual name too... John Smith.

Nakoma: Don't you think we're getting a little old for these games?

Nakoma: Pocahontas wants to look into the eyes of the man who killed Kocoum.

Nakoma: Show off.

Grandmother Willow: There's still some snap in these old vines!

Governor Ratcliffe: [to Thomas, regarding his lack of skill with muskets] You, learn to use that thing properly. A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot.

Kekata: These are not men like us, but strange beasts with bodies that shine like the sun, and weapons that spout fire and thunder. They prowl the earth like ravenous wolves, consuming everything in their path.

Lon: [to John] Are you coming on this voyage, too?

Ben: Of course he is, you half-wit. You can't fight Indians without John Smith.

John: That's right. I'm not about to let you boys have all the fun.

Thomas: What do you suppose the New World will look like?

John: Like all the others, I suppose. I've seen hundreds of new worlds, Thomas. What could be possibly different about this one?

Kekata: Your return has brought much joy to the village. Look at all the smiling faces.

Powhatan: Yes. But there is one smiling face I don't see. Where is my daughter?

Kekata: You know Pocahontas. She has her mother's spirit. She goes wherever the wind takes her.

[Pocahontas and Nakoma are looking at Kocoum]

Nakoma: Oh, he is so handsome.

Pocahontas: [jokingly] I especially love his smile.

[Cut to a stone-faced Kocoum]

Pocahontas: Father, for many nights now, I've been having a very strange dream. I think it's telling me something's about to happen, something exciting.

Powhatan: Yes, something exciting is about to happen.

Pocahontas: [eagerly] Really? What is it?

Powhatan: Kocoum has asked to seek your hand in marriage.

Pocahontas: [disappointed] Marry Kocoum?

Powhatan: I told him it would make my heart soar.

[Pocahontas smiles awkwardly, then peers through the hut's flap at Kocoum, who's refusing to play with the village children.]

Pocahontas: But he's so... serious.

Powhatan: My daughter, Kocoum will make a fine husband. He is loyal and strong, and will build you a good house, with sturdy walls. With him, you will be safe from harm.

Pocahontas: Father, I think my dream is pointing me down another path.

Powhatan: This is the right path for you.

Gradmother Willow: Oh! Your mother's necklace.

Pocahontas: That's what I wanted to talk to you about. My father wants me to marry Kocoum.

Gradmother Willow: Kocoum? But he's so serious.

Pocahontas: Ma-ta-que-na-to-rath (I don't understand).

John: You don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?

John: So what river is this?

Pocahontas: Quiyoughcohannock..

John: You have the most unusual names here, Chechomony, Quiyoughcohannock, Pocahontas.

Pocahontas: You have a most unusual name too... John Smith.

Grandmother Willow: Well, I haven't had this much excitement in 200 years.

Pocahontas: What am I doing? I shouldn't be seeing him again. I mean, I want to see him again.

Grandmother Willow: Who wouldn't? I want to see him again.

Pocahontas: But still, something inside is telling me it's the right thing.

Ben: Smith! There you are!

Lon: We were looking all over for you.

Ratcliffe: Smith! Where have you been?

John Smith: I was... out scouting the terrain, sir.

Ratcliffe: Excellent. Then you must know the Indians' whereabouts. We'll need that information for the battle.

John Smith: What battle?

Ratcliffe: We will eliminate these savages once and for all.

John Smith: No! You can't do that.

Ratcliffe: Oh, can't I?

John Smith: Look, we don't have to fight them.

Thomas: John, what's gotten into you?

John Smith: I met one of them.

Ben: You what?

Thomas: A savage?

John Smith: They're not savages. They can help us. They know the land. They know how to navigate the rivers. [Meeko pulls out an ear of corn and gives it to John] And look, it's food.

Lon: What is it?

John Smith: It's better than hardtack and gruel, that's for sure.

Wiggins: I like gruel.

Ratcliffe: [takes the corn and throws it on the ground] They don't want to feed us, you ninnies! They want to kill us! All of us! They've got our gold, and they'll do anything to keep it!

John Smith: But there is no gold!

Ben: No gold?

Ratcliffe: [sarcastically] And I suppose your little Indian friend told you this?

John Smith: Yes.

Ratcliffe: Lies! Lies, all of it! Murderous thieves - there's no room for their kind of civilized society.

John Smith: But this is their land!

Ratcliffe: This is my land! I make the laws here! And I say anyone who so much as looks at an Indian without killing him on sight, will be tried for treason and hanged!

Ben: Ratcliffe wouldn't take us halfway 'round the world for nothing.

Lon: But what if Smith is right? What if there is no gold?

Settler: If you ask me, Ratcliffe's been lying to us since we left London.

Ben: Listen to you, you bunch of idiots! Those savages didn't attack us for nothing. They're hiding something.

Lon: If they do have the gold, we'll have to fight them for it.

Nakoma: Kocoum?

Kocoum: What is it?

Nakoma: It's Pocahontas.

Kocoum: What's wrong? Is she all right?

Nakoma: I think she's in trouble.

Powhatan: I told you to stay in the village. You disobeyed me! You have shamed your father!

Pocahontas: I was only trying to help!

Powhatan: Because of your foolishness, Kocoum is dead!

Ben: Is he going to make it, Thomas?

Thomas: The sooner he gets back to England, the better.

Lon: Well, let's hope the wind is with him.

Thomas: Is the ship ready yet?

Ben: Any minute now. Just loading the last bit of cargo.

[Ratcliffe, tied up in chains and gagged, is tossed into a longboat]

Ratcliffe: [muffled] How dare you! Untie me at once! I'll have your heads for this!

Wiggins: [sniffles] And he came so highly recommended. [sighs]

Thomas: Captain John Smith! I’ve heard some amazing stories about him.

Chief Powhatan: When I see you wear that necklace… you look just like your mother.

Pocahontas: All of this happened because of me… and I’ll never see John Smith again.

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