Cinderella II: Dreams Come True Quotes (2002)

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True Quotes (2002)

Cinderella: I have been trying to obey someone else’s rules about who I should be and how I should dress. This hair ewww….[changes her outfit] I know can do this I just have to stop trying to be someone else.

Gus: Eh, what’s she gonna do, Jaq Jaq?

Cinderella: Gus, I’m gonna plan this banquet my way!

Cinderella: I was a dish maid when the prince married me. And he loves me because I'm me.

[last lines]

Cinderella: Oh, look! We're all in here, and these our stories.

[reads aloud from book]

Cinderella: "Once upon a time, there was a big castle, and in this castle lived a prince and a princess..."

Cinderella: Anastasia?

Anastasia: What are you doing here dressed like that? You look like a laundry maid.

Cinderella: I’m not the one with egg on my face.

Cinderella: There good as new.

Anastasia: Don’t stop now. Mother says that looks count for everything.

Cinderella: Well of course you wanna look your best, but that’s not the most important thing…

Anastasia: Yah, yah, yah what I need is a whole new look!

Prudence: This is a disaster.

The King: I can see my castle!

The King: What a lovely moon!

Prudence: The princess is missing! [points to Cinderella] You, you girl, have you seen the princess?

Cinderella: Good morning Prudence.

Prudence: Oh I thought you…but those awful clothes! I didn’t recognize you, your highness.

Prudence: Your highness, a princess never prepares her own meals. That is not how things are done.

Cinderella: There are rules about breakfast?

Prudence: But of course there are rules, your highness.

Prudence: At the banquet as always the royal menu shall consist of the rarest roast beef, French onion soup, darigin mashed potatoes, freshly baked baguettes, the finest truffles in the kingdom, and for dessert…Norwegian stewed prunes!

Cinderella: Prunes! For dessert?

Anastasia: What would you know? Its always been easy for you.

Cinderella: Easy!? That’s not how I remember it.

Cinderella: Remember you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Anastasia: What does that mean? Who would wanna catch flies?

Cinderella: I mean the best way to impress the baker is just to be nice to him.

Anastasia: How do I do that?

Cinderella: You could start with a smile.

Anastasia: Better get me a bigger necklace!

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