Belle’s Magical World Quotes (1998)

Belle’s Magical World Quotes (1998)

Beast: [roaring] I will never apologize!

Belle: I’ve been reading the most wonderful book.

Cogsworth: Well, perhaps you could tell us all about it at dinner. Things have been pleasantly tranquil with him of late.

Belle: Tranquil?

Cogsworth: Well, I meant only to refer to how well you and his grace have been getting along.

Belle: Um, yes we have.

Cogsworth: Perhaps tranquil isn’t quite the right word…

Webster: Calm, serene, in a word harmonious.

Belle: That is a good word. You’re a very smart dictionary.

Belle: So you won’t believe what the fairy god-mother does she casts a spell that solves all the girls problems, but there is a catch it only last until midnight.

Beast: It’s my castle and I make the rules.

Belle: Just because it’s your castle doesn’t mean you should be rude.

Webster: Rude, offensive, primitive, abrupt.

Beast: [Growls] I know what it means.

Beast: Think of it, Sultan, if you help us with this you shall be part of history.

Lumiere: No longer shall you be treated like a footrest…even though you are a footrest.

Belle: Fifi, ah where are you going?

Fifi: Ah…nowhere…vixen!

Belle: I beg your pardon?

Fifi: Oh, nothing…backstabber.

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