Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Quotes (1997)

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Quotes (1997)

Angelique: [singing] As long as there's Christmas, I truly believe that hope is the greatest of the gifts we receive.

Lumiere: [Beast glumly walks away as Lumiere sees the present that Belle left for him] Oooooh, it's for you, Master. It's from - a girl.

Beast: [Looking back] Mrs. Potts?

Lumiere: [Irate] No, from Belle!

Beast: Belle?

[Beast prepares to open the present but Lumiere stops him]

Lumiere: Ah-ah-ah, Master, you can't open it!

Beast: Why not? It's for me, isn't it?

Lumiere: Because it's not yet Christmas.

[Beast turns away in a huff]

Lumiere: Master, we all understand how you feel about Christmas. But when a woman gives a man a gift, she's saying, "I care about you."

Beast: But I don't have a gift for her.

Lumiere: It's not too late.

Beast: [huffs again] Well, I guess I'll get her a little something.

Beast: [recovering from slipping on the ice] I fell, and landed on my...

[looks at his bottom, then hides it with his cape]

Beast: on, on the ice.

Belle: Forbid Christmas? No one can forbid Christmas.

Chip: Belle... what's - Christmas?

Belle: Oh, Chip, you must know about Christmas. Stockings in front of the fire. Tree? Tinsel? Presents?

Chip: Presents! Will I get one?

Belle: Of course, everyone gets a present on Christmas.

Chip: Aw, even the master?

Belle: Yes, even the master.

Lumiere: And you said it was impossible!

Angelique: No, no, no. I said it was impossible without - me.

Forte: So, Beast gets girl and it's a happy ending for everyone. Enchantment lifted and Forte fades into the background, no longer important, no longer needed. I think not!

[looking out the window]

Fife: Wow! Will you look at that!

Forte: Well, I think I might. I'll just pick myself up and... oh! What's this? Heavens! I'M BOLTED TO THE WALL!

Chip: Doesn't look so special to me.

Belle: Oh, Chip, I'm sorry. Nothing's changed.

Angelique: I told you nothing would change. I told you the master would not allow this. I told you Christmas was a hopeless folly. But, I was wrong.


Angelique: When I felt lost and lonely, not a dream in my head, your words lifted my spirits high. Remember what you said: As long as there's Christmas, I truly believe that hope is the greatest of the gifts we'll receive. As long as our guiding star shines above...

Belle: [at the same time as Angelique] That hope is the greatest of the gifts we'll receive. As long as our guiding star shines above...

Angelique: There'll always be Christmas.

Belle: So there always will be a time when the world is filled with peace and love.

[Belle, Chip, and Lumiere are climbing up a long and narrow staircase]

Chip: 1,001. 1,002. 1,003. Are we there yet?

Belle: [sighs] Not yet.

Chip: Oh boy, there are sure a lot of steps here! 1,007. 1,008. 1,009. 1,010...

Chip: That's not a tree! That's just a weed wishin' it was a tree!

Enchantress: You have been deceived by your own cold heart - a curse upon your house and all within it.

[the enchantress puts the spoiled prince and everyone under a spell]

Enchantress: Until you have found someone to love you as you are, you shall remain forever a beast.

Angelique: [as she guards the dining room] No, no, no, no, no, no, no! They cannot mix bells with holly. Although, I have to admit, not bad for amateurs.

[the Beast approaches the dining room and wrecks everything in anger, and leaves; Angelique comes out of hiding]

Angelique: [solemnly] I knew this was hopeless.

Fife: Maestro! Stop! Just what do you think you're doing?

Forte: Don't you see, Fife? They can't fall in love if they're DEAD!

Fife: [furiously] I'll tell you what I see: a big old windbag!

[Fife laughs nervously]

Forte: [plays loud music] You could've joined me, Fife! But I see my triumph is a solo act!

[Forte laughs evilly as Fife notices a single blank music sheet]

Fife: My solo - it's blank!

Forte: So naive. You're second fiddle, Fife, and that's all you'll ever be!

[plays loud music again]

Belle: It's a... a Yule log.

Beast: Huh?

Belle: A Yule log. It's a wonderful tradition. One log is chosen, and everyone in the house touches it and makes a Christmas wish.

Beast: Wishes are stupid. You made a Christmas wish last year. Is this what you wished for?

[unleashes a flock of bats, which promptly disappears]

Belle: No. But I will keep wishing. And when the log is burnt on Christmas morning...

Beast: There will BE no Christmas.

Belle: But...

Beast: [shouts] NO! I am the master here!

Belle: [horrified] How can you be so selfish?

Beast: You cannot possibly understand. You have no idea what it's like to lose everything, to be trapped in your own castle, to be a - a - uh...

Belle: Prisoner? The only one holding us prisoner here is you. Well, I'm not giving up!

Forte: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[laughing while destroying the castle]

Beast: Forte!

[bursts through the doors]

Beast: Enough! Aaargh!

Forte: Heavens, Master!

[mocks the Beast]

Forte: "You're not singing!"

[bolt of music tones strikes the Beast]

Forte: [after the flashback to the Beast's transformation] But we've come so far since then. We've - risen above the tragedy.

Beast: [growling, he knocks his chair over, wondering where Belle is] Where is sheeee?

Forte: I believe she's gone to the boiler room, or - so a little birdie told me.

Fife: [chuckles nervously] Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Beast: [as Forte plays] Forte! Stop the noise!

Forte: Noise? Noise?


Forte: This is my masterpiece.

Beast: You said you'd never leave.

Belle: I wasn't trying to leave. I was just trying to make you happy.

Beast: You broke your word. And for that, you'll rot in this dungeon forever.

[slams the door and locks it]

Belle: [tearfully] I should've known you'd never be anything - but a beast.

Beast: [bellows] Christmas? She's planning Christmas?

Forte: Yes. Awful, isn't it?

Beast: [sitting down at his chair in front of the fireplace] Perhaps she doesn't know how I feel about Christmas.

Forte: But she does know. She just doesn't care, like I do. She's actually trying to bring Christmas back to the castle. And you know how much we despise Christmas.

Beast: [sighs] The day my life ended.

Belle: [singing] You belong side by side, you should never be apart, 'cause when you're both together, you're really twice as smart.

Cogsworth: [spoken] Twice as smart... she does have a point.

Lumiere: Yes. Well, two heads are better than one.

Beast: Let's give Belle the Christmas she's always wanted!

Lumiere: [as he rides on Cogsworth down a hill to catch up with Belle, who is getting a Christmas tree] I think we've finally found a use for you: clock boarding; No, snow clocking! Whatever! Ha-ha!

Chip: Hi, Belle.

Belle: Oh, hello. Chip, do you know what day it is?

Chip: Well, it's not Tuesday...

Belle: No, silly. Today is December 24th. The day before Christmas.

Lumiere: And what a beautiful day it is.

Forte: Mademoiselle, please. I am Maestro Forte, court composer and your most humble servant.

Belle: Please to meet you, Monsieur Forte. I'm Belle.

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