9 Quotes for Families from Live Action Disney Classics
August 31, 2015

Your kids have favorite Disney movies they watch again and again. As you see them idolize Anna, Elsa, Buzz, and Woody, you think back on your favorite Disney films from your childhood. You think not only of the classic animated films, but also the hilarious stars from live action classics.

Those films may be around 50 years old, but they remain timeless family entertainment. So share them with your children and help them enjoy these films too! Next time you have family movie night, pop in one of the Disney live action classics that feature these nine memorable quotes.


1. Treguna, Makoidees, Trecorum, Sadis Dee! – Eglantine Price, “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”

Your kids will enjoy memorizing this tongue-twister-like magic spell while they watch this 1971 film. Younger kids gravitate to the animated sequences and special effects, while older Disney buffs love discovering that the voice of Mrs. Potts also portrayed the friendly witch Eglantine Price.


2. Never judge things by their appearance-even carpetbags. I’m sure I never do. – Mary Poppins, “Mary Poppins”

No list of Disney live action classics is complete without “Mary Poppins”. The film features many memorable quotes, but this one-liner contains an important lesson your family can discuss together.


3. ‘Glad this. Glad that.’ You have to be glad about everything? What’s the matter with you anyways? – Angelica, “Pollyanna”

Sourpuss maid Angelica challenges the optimism of 12-year-old orphan Pollyanna, played by Hayley Mills in her first Disney performance, with this quote. After screening the film, play the Glad Game together as a family. Follow it up with other Mills movies, including Summer Magic and the original Parent Trap.


4. If that don’t beat all. I never saw such a dog. – Katie Coates, “Old Yeller”

This classic boy-meets-dog love story creates many moments for laughter before it reaches its tear-jerking conclusion. Share this action-adventure with kids old enough to appreciate the hardships of growing up on the Western frontier.


5. There is nothing wrong with girls; they’re character building. – Freeda Daniels, “The Shaggy Dog”

If your kids like dog movies but don’t want the emotional intensity of Old Yeller, show them this 1959 black-and-white comedy. A young teenage boy attempts to win the affections of the girl next door, but that’s hard to do when he keeps taking the form of her dog! Also watch the 1976 sequel, The Shaggy D.A., and the 2006 remake starring Tim Allen.


6. Let’s see, flying rubber . . . Flubber! – Professor Ned Brainard, “The Absent-Minded Professor”

Do your kids love Robin Williams’ hijinks in Flubber? Then show them the original version, starring Fred MacMurray. His version of Prof. Brainard also uses flubber to assist a college basketball team-with hilarious results.


7. No one is ever alone who has something good to remember. – Hetty Cutler Seibert, “Follow Me, Boys!”

Fred MacMurray gives one of his most memorable Disney performances in this story of a local Boy Scout leader. Film legend Lillian Gish delivers this insightful quote, and Kurt Russell makes his Disney debut as one of the Scouts.


8. Every bit of life is lit by fortuosity! – John Lawless, “The Happiest Millionaire”

Irish butler John Lawless opens this musical with a song that proclaims his optimistic belief in “fortuosity”-an invented word for luck, fortune, and happiness. Songs by Disney legends Richard and Robert Sherman make this musical a joy to watch, as do the scenes with crocodiles in bathtubs and the Biddle Bible Boxing Class.


9. Oh, she is my dear, my darling one . . . – Michael McBride, “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”

Do you have any James Bond fans in your family? Then this film is a must-see! A young Sean Connery plays a supporting role-and even sings-in this leprechaun-chasing comedy. The banshee may frighten some children, but most will love seeing “leprechauns” and full-size humans share the screen.


We hope these quotes jogged your memories of Disney live action classics or introduced you to new films. Now add these movies to your collection, stream them online, or borrow from a friend.

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